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Lamborghini Urus to feature 3D printed components made by Carbon

Carbon will be 3D printing parts for the luxury brand Lamborghini. It is estimated that approximately 1,000 Urus Super SUVs are produced each year, and these will feature two 3D printed components. The 3D printing unicorn’s additive manufacturing technology will be used to make a textured fuel cap with the Urus label and a clip […]

Mobedia creates e-learning experience with 3D printing to promote Kia Sportage

Mobedia, a Manchester-based digital content producer, has created a digital learning experience using 3D printing for Kia Motor‘s dealership teams. Kia’s employees can access the Airfix style e-learning material via the Kia Academy to learn about the Kia Sportage and provide better service to Kia Sportage SUV customers. Mobedia’s Creative Director, Gary Bannister-Simm, explained, “Having the […]

CRP Technology creates aircraft wind tunnel model with 3D printed exterior

CRP Technology, an Italian additive manufacturing materials company, has 3D printed multiple parts for a wind tunnel model of the tiltrotor AW609 aircraft. Using SLS and CRP Technology’s Windform carbon-composite materials allowed the model to be completed and tested within four days. The full 1:8.5 scale model prototype of the AW609 was made by Leonardo, an Italian […]

WATCH: Bugatti prepares 3D printed brake caliper for series production

In January 2018 performance car brand Bugatti, in partnership with SLM Solutions, unveiled a 3D printed brake caliper. Now, in a new video clip from parent company Volkswagen, the titanium component has been put to the test demonstrating how the company is gearing up towards 3D printing in series production. Large but light A first […]

Volkswagen opens advanced 3D printing center, looks to additive manufacturing in production

The toolmaking unit of German multinational automaker Volkswagen has opened a new advanced 3D printing center. Located in the automotive hub of Wolfsburg, Germany, the facility occupies 3,100 m² of floor space, and houses a range of cutting edge metal additive manufacturing machines. At this center, VW will be investigating the potential of binder jet […]

Volkswagen Werkzeugbau eröffnet 3D-Druck-Zentrum

3D-Druck-Zentrum Volkswagen

Der Werkzeugbau der Marke Volkswagen eröffnet in Wolfsburg ein neues 3D-Druck-Zentrum. Damit soll die Möglichkeit geschaffen werden, dass Volkswagen zukünftig auch die additive Fertigung von komplexen Fahrzeugteilen einsetzen kann. Mit dem neuen 3D-Druck-Zentrum wird auch ein Kernpunkt des 2016 geschaffenen Zukunftspaktes umgesetzt. So wird die Fertigungskompetenzen mit Fördermitteln aus dem Innovationsfonds II weiter ausgebaut. Im [...]

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Protolabs joins MIT’s new center for Additive and Digital Advanced Production Technologies

Protolabs, a manufacturing and 3D printing service bureau based in Minnesota, has become a founding member of the new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Additive and Digital Advanced Production Technologies (ADAPT). ADAPT focuses on scaling new manufacturing technology through research; ts consortium consists of Renishaw, Autodesk, Volkswagen, Bosch, Formlabs, BigRep, Mimaki, Dentsply Sirona, General […]

3D Printing News Sliced, Additive Industries, Polymaker, Shanghai Construction Group

This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced follows the latest developments from Formnext 2018; the acceleration of industrial metal additive manufacturing; new post-processing solutions; and the release of the latest AlphaEDGE 4D shoe from Adidas and Carbon. All this and more from Nanoscribe, Additive Industries, Callaghan Innovation, Polymaker, Shanghai Construction Group and others. […]

3D-Druck für die Massenproduktion: VW setzt auf HP Metal Jet

Volkswagen HP

Volkswagen hat angekündigt als erster Automobilhersteller auf HPs neue 3D-Druck-Technologie HP Metal Jet zu setzen. Für VW ist das ein Schritt zum 3D-Druck für die Massenproduktion. Wie schon HP angekündigt hat, ist Volkswagen ein Partner des Drucker-Herstellers bei der Entwicklung der neuen 3D-Druck-Technologie. Ziel ist es die Geschwindigkeitsvorteile von HP Metal Jet zu nutzen. So [...]

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Volkswagen moves to mass customization, aims for over 100,000 3D printed units per year

Earlier this week, German automaker Volkswagen was confirmed as an early-access customer of the HP Metal Jet 3D printer. Now, comments from Dr. Martin Goede, Volkswagen’s Head of Technology Planning and Development, reveal further details about the company’s plans for this new metal binder jet technology, and the prospective future of mass customized vehicles. “Automotive […]