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INTAMSYS releases Enhanced FUNMAT HT 3D printer for high performance polymers – Technical specifications

INTAMSYS, a Shanghai-based manufacturer of 3D printers, has unveiled the latest version of its FUNMAT 3D printer for high-performance functional materials, the Enhanced FUNMAT HT. Designed for industrial-grade polymers, i.e., PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, and PPSU, the Enhanced FUNMAT HT 3D printer features a new automatic-leveling process, a removable, magnetic glass-ceramic build plate, and four individual […]

INTAMSYS stellt neuen 3D-Drucker „FUNMAT HT Enhanced“ vor

INTAMSYS enhanced FUNMAT HT 300x169 - INTAMSYS stellt neuen 3D-Drucker "FUNMAT HT Enhanced" vor

Seit der Einführung des FUNMAT HT wurde INTAMSYS der Drucker für seine leistungsstarken Funktionen zum Drucken funktionaler Materialien, insbesondere unter Verwendung von PEEK und ULTEM (PEI) sowie von Kohlefaserverbundwerkstoffen, gelobt. Der FUNMAT HT erhält jetzt folgende drei neue Funktionen. 1) Auto-Nivellierung. Bequemer für Druckvorbereitung, 2) Vier individuelle Treiber für Filamentbeladung, X-Achse, Y-Achse, Z-Achse. Erhebliche Verbesserung [...]

Der Beitrag INTAMSYS stellt neuen 3D-Drucker „FUNMAT HT Enhanced“ vor erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

INTAMSYS launches dual nozzle FUNMAT PRO 410 for all-in-one functional polymer 3D printer

High performance 3D printer materials manufacturer INTAMSYS, headquartered in Shanghai, has released the FUNMAT PRO 410. Termed an “all-in-one” solution, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is designed to work with a diverse selection of materials. Many filaments, from low temperature PLA, through to engineering-grade and high performance polymers like PC, PA, PA+CF and PC, PA, PA+CF […]

INTAMSYS competition opens, win over $10k in cash and 3D printing equipment

INTAMSYS, a manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems, has launched a new competition. Organizations, companies, research and education institutions are invited to take part in the INTAMSYS industrial 3D Printing Global Competition. The theme of the design challenge is jigs and fixtures. “During our business visits in the USA, Europe and China, we’ve learned first-hand from […]

INTAMSYS enters Japan additive manufacturing market with Canon and Fusion Technology

INTAMSYS, the Shanghai-headquartered manufacturer of FUNMAT 3D printers, has announced its plans to enter the Japanese industrial additive manufacturing market. Fusion Technology, a 3D printing design and services firm, will be INTAMSYS’ partner in the move, along with Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (TYO:8060). As an office supplies subsidiary of multinational computer manufacturing corporation Canon, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. is a […]

PEEK exoskeleton 3D printed by INTAMSYS for knee injuries

INTAMSYS is a Shanghai-based producer of 3D printers and PEEK materials. China’s Sichuan Ju An Hui Co., a medical device design and manufacturing firm, has used INTAMSYS 3D printing to produce a passive exoskeleton, “BioNEEK”, providing support for a broad range of knee problems. 3D printed PEEK magnetorheological damper The BioNEEK knee brace features a […]