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BIOLIFE4D confirms first successful 3D print of heart tissue

BIOLIFE4D, a biotechnology company from Chicago, has successfully demonstrated the ability to 3D print human heart tissue. The 3D printed tissue is the first research activity at the company since filing an initial public offering of $50 million in September 2017, and presents a base step towards its ambitious goals. “From the beginning,” explains BIOLIFE4D CEO Steven Morris, […]

Freeze – Imperial College London 3D prints soft tissues using cryogenics

The main challenge of synthetic tissue is fabricating it in a way that tricks the body into believing that it has been there all along. As a recent preprint from Stanford University shows, even CRISPR gene editing isn’t entirely safe from the body’s immune system, though many other regenerative medicine therapies have already been tried […]

Update on 3D printed organ models in healthcare

As medicine searches for new ways to improve procedures and patient care, 3D printed and modeled organs have become a valued approach to simulate the …