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3D Printing News Sliced: Rocket Lab, David Bowie, Resident Evil 2

In this week’s Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, we take a look at the latest creative application using 3D printing, including further forays into 3D printed wearables, 3D printed transport, and how the 3D printing community is experimenting with virtual reality and portable 3D printers. Also included are the latest business developments from FDM […]

Goodyear 3D printed tire gathers moss for cleaner air

Goodyear has developed a 3D printed concept tire designed as a solution to rising pollution levels in our cities. According to Chris Delaney, President of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa, “With more than two-thirds of the world population expected to live in cities by 2050, the demands on transport networks in urban environments will […]

3D Printing Industry review of the year December 2017

The 3D Printing Industry review of the year concludes in December. The final month of 2017 saw a number of federal, national and supra-national authorities publish strategy and legal guidance on 3D printing.  Together with news of novel engineering applications in 3D printing, our most popular stories were once again about medical applications. 3D Printing […]

€3.7m BADGER robot to 3D print pipes as it travels underground

Robotic 3D printers are helping to advance the next generation of autonomous construction. Recently, the 3D printing industry has seen houses 3D printed in 24 hours or less, and bridges materialising out of melted plastic. BADGER is the latest of these projects attempting to bring 3D printing to construction. The Europe-wide enterprise brings together a […]

EU launches €2.7 million car and construction project for recycled 3D printer materials

The European Union has a launched a research project for the creation of 3D printable car and construction feedstock. Monitored by the Italian University of Perugia, the …