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Autodesk University: How is Generative Design used within additive manufacturing?

Autodesk’s software user conference, Autodesk University (AU), took place this week in London with industry professionals from all over the world converging to experience the latest innovations in CAD technologies. I attended the event to see a wide range of exhibitions, classes, lectures and hands-on sessions demonstrating the use of CAD in industries such as […]

Defining generative design and its software implementation with nTopology, Frustum, and ParaMatters

Breaking announcements in printable materials, hardware, and the latest end-use applications are now standard at major 3D printing conferences. Focusing on the latest parts designed for additive manufacturing, typical explanations for how each was conceived likely include the terms topology optimization, lattice design, and generative design. Although these concepts are well established in an academic […]

General Motors enters next phase of vehicle light weighting with generative design

North American vehicle manufacturer General Motors has teamed up with award winning software company Autodesk in the development of its future product designs. Combining 3D printing with generative design, the company’s approach to vehicle development is “completely transformed,” says Ken Kelzer, VP of Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems at GM. Through paring these technologies the design […]

Frustum updates TrueSOLID generative design platform for 3D

2018 3D Printing Industry Awards nominee Frustum Inc. has released the latest edition of its generative design platform TrueSOLID™. Working alongside traditional CAD software, such as Siemens NX and Siemens SolidEdge, TrueSOLID™ helps designers and engineers optimize digital models for additive manufacturing, milling and casting. The power of nature Generative design is currently a hot topic in […]

Siemens NX Software integriert Frustum Topologieoptimierung

Über eine Partnerschaft mit dem Startup Frustum, können Siemens NX Software Anwender auf ein integriertes Modul der Software für Topologie-Optimierung und funktionales generatives Design zugreifen. Frustum ermöglicht es das Design von Bauteilen zu optimieren und diese so leichter und stabiler zu gestalten. Ingenieure und Designer die mit der NX Software von Siemens arbeiten, können nun über […]

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Topologie Optimierung mit Generate von Frustum

Jesse Blankenship hat mit Generate ein Software Start Up namens Frustum gegründet, welches schon bei Siemens Wellen geschlagen hat. Frustum ermöglicht es Designs von Bauteilen zu optimieren und diese leichter und stabiler zu machen. Die Software überträgt das 3D Modell auf die Server von Frustum und führ die Optimierung in der Cloud durch. Damit wird die […]

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