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FedEx fokussiert sich mit neuen FedEx Forward Depots auf 3D-Druck

Das Kurier- und Logistikunternehmen FedEx hat bekannt gegeben sich ab 1. März 2018 mit seinen Speziallogistik- und E-Commerce-Lösungen neu zu orientieren. Im Zuge dieser Umstrukturierung wird unter FedEx Trade Networks (FTN) ein neues Unternehmen mit Fokus auf 3D-Druck entstehen. FedEx Forward Deports wird die Bereiche 3D-Druck, kritische Lagerbestands- und Ersatzteillogistik, Reparaturzentren und das FedEx Verpackungslabor […]

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How 3D Printing Can Save Radio Shack

(Daily Finance) Radio Shack’s sales of almost $4.1 billion are just as much as it generated 20 years ago and last quarter they dropped more than 10 percent as same-store sales tumbled more than 8 percent. Radio Shack has been spinning its tires and now is on a fast track down, which is partly the reason behind its reported decision to close some 500 stores. Radio Shack needs a bolder path, one that harks back to its roots of catering to the electronics hobbyist who wanted to build stuff with his own hands rather than buying pre-packaged goods. Diodes, capacitors and electronic esoterica may seem quaint and part of a dying art, but that same entrepreneurial spirit is still very much alive in the maker movement that’s springing up all over. Instead of touting the latest calling plans for mobile phones as it has been, Radio Shack should offer 3D printing services, printers and supplies.

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