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Saneux uses Builder Extreme 1000 to 3D print 1:1 scale bathroom prototypes

Saneux is a leading company in the bathroom manufacture industry, creating spaces dedicated to luxury and relaxation. To maintain its leading position in the market, Saneux is always developing new concepts and the ability to produce in-house prototypes plays a major role in their design process. Saneux is using the Builder Extreme 1000 for printing […]

3D printing news Sliced Boeing, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, TCT, Mcor and TRUMPF

Today’s 3D printing news sliced features updates from Boeing, TCT, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, 3D Hubs, Mcor, TRUMPF, Sintavia, Organovo, DuPont, Haydale Graphene, Shapeways, Builder Extreme, Cubibot, nano-tera, The Government of Dubai, Bloodhound, The Science Museum of Virginia, Aspect Biosystems, InSCREENeX, Swinburne University, The University of Maryland, PAMM, and Adam Savage. Digital factories, mobile cafés, martian museums […]