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Interview: Inside UCLA’s faster, multimaterial 3D bioprinter

Recently, a 3D bioprinting project conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has been making headlines for its potential to create complex biological tissues. Led by UCLA Professor of Engineering Ali Khademhosseini, the project describes a bioprinter that makes use of microfludic chip to efficiently print multiple materials in a single process. Yu Shrike […]

Cornell researchers trust the gut with 3D printed intestine bioreactors

One of the primary goals of The March Lab at Cornell University, New York, is to create synthetic intestines for use in regenerative medicine and animal-free drug testing. Made from stem cells, the artificial models are theoretically much closer to the real-thing than the alternatives, including computational simulation and single layer cell tests. Now in […]

ISCO 3D bioprinting technology focuses on liver restoration

The International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) (OTCQB:ISCO), a clinical stage biotechnology company based in California, has announced the development of a new 3D bioprinter that produces liver tissue. The technology is suited to the liver progenitor cell (LPC) line, adding to ISCO’s existing pipeline of products including ISC-hpNSC for brain treatments, and ChondraStem to treat […]

WFIRM 3D bioprinted Body on a Chip responds to billion dollar screening deficiency

On average, 90% of new drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. fail to make it to a commercial market due to inadequacy of the current screening process. As a result, the manufacturers and researchers involved are seeking a better alternative to up the odds of the industry’s roulette, and save money in a […]

Harvard-MIT liver chip narrows gap between in vitro and in vivo drug tests

3D bioprinting, microfluidics and hydrogel scaffolding combine in the latest liver tissue research by a team of scientists attributable to seven institutions from across the globe. Centralized at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the organ-on-a-chip device seeks to improve the way drugs are […]

A review of recent medical advances using 3D printing and 3D bioprinting

3D Printing Industry reviews recent real world examples of 3D bioprinting and additive manufacturing methods in medicine.

The use of 3D printing for surgical planning took another step …

Columbia’s liquid watch mechanism dispenses drugs inside the body

Shrunken robotics that can travel inside the body and fix problems are a favourite trope not only of cartoons and science fiction (think Simpsons Treehouse …

Harvard Forscher stellen Heart-on-a-Chip erstmals im 3D-Druckverfahren her

Die Ergebnisse von Forschern der John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) der Harvard University in den USA könnten Tierversuche in der Medizin zukünftig obsolet werden lassen.  Derzeit werden solche micro-physiologischen Systeme, auch „Organ-on-a-Chip“ genannt, mittels eines teuren und aufwendigen lithographischen Prozesses in mehreren Schritten hergestellt. Daten werden dann per Mikroskopie oder High-Speed-Kameras ausgelesen und gesammelt. […]

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