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How To Make A Product Prototype In The Digital Fabrication Age

Why You Should Always Prototype Your Product

So you’re on your way to creating a product. You have a brilliant idea for a new invention or promotional swag, and you are working your way through the industrial design process. You have done market research, identified the user and market, developed ideas through brainstorming and checked out your competition. You believe you know what the user wants and what this product needs to be successful.

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Online Laser Cutting Trends

Online Laser Cutting Trend Report – Q3 2018

This quarterly report is for customers, suppliers and digital manufacturing industry trends analysts to learn more about online laser cutting.

It’s the only report of its kind, with real world data from Ponoko, an online laser cutting pioneer visited by 1,000,000 people per year.

This is our third report, so let’s see what’s changed:

Laser Technique
Most Used Laser Technique

Area engraving had its first lift in usage this year,

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Design Made Easy With Inkscape Vector Tutorials

How To Use Inkscape Like A Pro

Want to design products but don’t have the budget for expensive software? Or do you simply like the ethos and flexibility of open source software? Inkscape, a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, is a great tool you can use to design products for any number of applications, including laser cutting. And the best part? It’s FREE and open source.

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Adobe Illustrator Tools For Makers

An Introduction To Illustrator Tools So You Can Create Designs With Confidence

So you’re bursting with wonderful creative ideas and you want to turn them into real life products that you can sell for a profit, use as branding tools or gift to friends and family. With a little help from Adobe Illustrator tools, these dream products can be a reality.

Why use Adobe Illustrator? Because it’s a pretty clever and powerful software.

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3D Printing Studios partners with SAP Distributed Manufacturing

3D Printing Studios, an industrial 3D printing and technology services provider with bases in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne, has partnered with SAP Distributed Manufacturing to scale up customer collaboration in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region. Launched April 2017, SAP Distributed Manufacturing is a system that connects customers with service providers to “make 3D printing a […]

KPMG industry 4.0 report urges companies to “be bolder” with digital manufacturing

Professional service company and auditor KPMG has released a report aiming to debunk myths about the progress of Industry 4.0 (i4.0), and encourage more manufacturers …

Academy Award Nominee’s Unique Speakers Find Kickstarter Success With Ponoko

T3TRA Speakers Combine 3D Printing And Laser Cutting For A One-Of-A-Kind Audio Experience

Whether you’re watching a movie, gaming or jamming out to your favorite tunes, sound is an integral part of the experience. And the better the sound, the better the experience.

Gone are the days where quality sound only came from large—and expensive—components. Good things do come in small packages, and T3TRA Loudspeakers from Alienology are definitely good things (kinda like “Farrah Fawcett Hair”).

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Get Smart: Tips & Tricks To Reduce Laser Engraving Costs

Take The Mystery Out Of Laser Engraving Costs With This Price Comparison Tutorial

Laser engraving: It turns basic laser cut designs from ordinary to extraordinary. But this added style, beauty and impact can significantly increase your design costs. To be able to achieve excellent design while staying on budget, you’ve got to get smart.

This means you’ve got to get smart with how files are built…and this may take some detective work to determine exactly where there are opportunities to tighten up a design that saves time—and money.

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