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Disrupting the Disruptors, Low Cost 3D Metal Printing

The Virtual Foundry’s newly patented high metal composite filaments create pure metal 3D Prints with common, off-the-shelf FDM printers. This novel solution to a complex problem has sparked a movement in low-cost, high quality, 3d metal printing. TVF customers are actively developing solutions in industries like electric vehicles, oil refining, injection molding and nuclear power, […]

3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 Materials Company of the Year Update

The best 3D printing materials of 2019? We asked our readers. Continuing with our nomination updates, we’re here to see who is currently in the running for the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards Material Company of the Year. From polymer and metal powders, through to filament and resins for desktop 3D printers, this category includes a […]

3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 Start-up of the Year update

Who are the leading 3D printing start-ups? There is still time to make a nomination in the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards. There are 20 categories in total, spanning the additive manufacturing ecosystem of materials, hardware and software. This year, as always, 3D Printing Startup of the Year is shaping up to be one of […]

Xerion introduces The Fusion Factory, an FDM/FFF metal and ceramic 3D printer

Xerion, a German industrial furnace and 3D printer manufacturer, has introduced the Fusion Factory, a three-part FDM/FFF system capable of printing metal and ceramics. The company has taken inspiration from multi-modular systems, to build a machine which can produce parts on par with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technique. FDM/FFF metal printing  Dr. Uwe Lohse founded […]

The Virtual Foundry Filamet Filament für 3D-Druckmetall auf einem FDM-System

The Virtual Foundry Filamet angebot 300x91 - The Virtual Foundry Filamet Filament für 3D-Druckmetall auf einem FDM-System

The Virtual Foundry, LLC (TVF) ist die erste und einzige FDM/FFF-reine Metall-3D-Drucklösung für den freien Markt. Filamet ist ein zusammengesetztes 3D-Druckfilament, das mit fast allen existierenden 3D-Druckern und Atmosphärenöfen, die seit Jahrzehnten im Handel erhältlich sind. Die Materialien und die unterstützende Technologie, die von The Virtual Foundry entwickelt wurden, ermöglichen schnelle reale Metallprototypen und leicht [...]

Der Beitrag The Virtual Foundry Filamet Filament für 3D-Druckmetall auf einem FDM-System erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

The Virtual Foundry offers complete systems taking you from CAD drawings to metal parts for less than $10,000

Move ideas quickly through your development systems with The Virtual Foundry’s 3D Metal Solutions. By using metal printing solutions that perform within your current plastic 3D printing environment, The Virtual Foundry has developed a low-cost metal AM strategy that changes how work is done. Open architecture = no commitment. The Virtual Foundry’s Filamet™ allows industry […]

The Virtual Foundry’s alternative to costly metal AM systems: Open, Safe, Priced to Compete

The Virtual Foundry set out to make metal 3D printing realistic for everyone with an FDM printer. The dream comes true with Filamet™, their line of sinterable FDM metal filaments. Open: The Virtual Foundry prides itself on developing these filaments within an open architecture model. Filamet™ delivers in printers from the most humble home versions […]