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84 year old man in China receives “world first” 3D printed tantalum knee

An 84 year old patient suffering from osteoarthritis has reportedly become the first man in the world to receive a 3D printed tantalum knee implant. The news has been circulated by Chongqing News (, a local source set up by Chongqing State Council, a south-west municipality of China. The surgery was conducted at a First Affiliated […]

Chinese city registers all Additive Manufacturing industries to ensure “social security”

Authorities in Chongqing, Southern China have announced that they will require all 3D printing companies based in the city to register with local police. Xinhua, China’s state news agency, reported that the objective of the measure is to both keep dangerous and illegal products from the public, whilst also controlling the production and sales of […]

China startet Bau für medizinische 3D-Druck-Fabrik

In der südchinesischen Provinz Chongqing startete vor Kurzem der Bau zu Chinas erster 3D-Druck-Fabrik für medizinische Produkte. Das Projekt wurde von der Regierung in Zusammenarbeit mit Hkable Biological 3D (China) Co., Ltd , einem Joint Venture von Hkable USA und dem in China ansässigen Biotechnologie-Unternehmen Jintai, ins Leben gerufen. Die Fabrik soll umgerechnet rund € 6,8 Millionen (50

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