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OwnFone Receives $1.2M Investment for 3D-Printed Phones Targeted at the Blind, Elderly, Children

( – London-based OwnFone has developed number of intricate yet affordable 3D-printed phones aimed at children, the elderly, and the blind. These 3D-printed phones are the size of a credit card, and feature a set number of numbers it can dial, like a child’s parents, healthcare workers, and the emergency number. Each button has been… View Article

Chokia: Nokia wünscht frohe Ostern mit 3D gedruckter Schokolade

Morgen ist Ostersonntag. Das ursprünglich finnische Unternehmen Nokia hat sich zu den Feiertagen etwas besonderes überlegt. Sie druckten ein Nokia-Logo in Schokolade. Mit dem Chocolatier Mark Jones und einem 3D-Drucker, der auf das Drucken mit Schokolade spezialisiert ist, Choc Creator, hat Nokia das Firmenlogo mit Schokolade drucken lassen. Choc Creator ist einer der ersten kommerziellen […]

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Robots & 3D Printers are Tireless Workers in Finland

(Helsinki Times) More than 100 orange industrial robots are busy at work around the clock, five or six days a week in AGCO Power’s factory in Nokia. This is the most automated industrial plant in Finland, according to Eero Tomi, the company’s managing director. The factory illustrates both the present and the future of the manufacturing sector: the industry is relying on robots to an ever-larger degree. Not only are production lines more automated, but they can also deliver products that are more individualized, thanks to 3D printing technology. The robots have not completely edged out the human workforce, with the factory employing 870 people, around 100 of whom work for the R&D department.

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