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3D printing news Sliced Lockheed Martin, Aurora Labs, MyMiniFactory, Robo 3D, BMW

How can architecture inspire 3D printed fashion pieces? When will we be able to 3D print buildings? Are self-correcting 3D printers right around the corner? This edition of 3D printing news Sliced features Aurora Labs,GE, MyMiniFactory, Smet Construction Services, Inc., Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3D, Autodesk, Faro and more. AM in art & crafts, architecture, and […]

ITRI to commercialize custom 3D printed implants in China

One of the most common applications of 3D printing in medicine is to make small implants for joints, like those found in the spine. In recent years the FDA has cleared a number of such devices for sale on the U.S. market, and many companies have introduced the 3D printed medical products across Europe. The […]

Taiwans ITRI bringt 3D-gedruckte Knochenimplantate noch 2018 auf den Markt

Das Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) aus Taiwan hat eine ganze Reihe von 3D-gedruckten Implantaten speziell für die Bevölkerung Chinas entwickelt. Die 3D-gedruckten Implantate bestehen aus Metall und Kompositmaterialien und sollen noch 2018 auf dem Markt erhältlich sein. Der Bedarf an orthopädischen Implantaten steigt stetig, da die Weltbevölkerung immer älter wird. Während der Markt 2017 noch […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Taiwans ITRI bringt 3D-gedruckte Knochenimplantate noch 2018 auf den Markt

Taiwanisches Institut entwickelt hitzebeständiges PLA-Material

Das taiwanische Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) hat ein Polymilchsäure-Material (PLA) geschaffen, welches für Lebensmittel geeignet und hitzebeständig ist. Das Material verformt sich erst ab Temperaturen von 100 Grad Celsius. PLA Materialien, die aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen wie Mais, Tapioka oder Zuckerrohr besteht, wird oft für den 3D-Druck genutzt. Diese Stoffe sind biologisch abbaubar und nicht […]

Taiwan Researchers Develop Food-Grade, Renewable PLA for 3D Printing

( The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) based in Taiwan has developed a food-grade quality polylactic acid (PLA) material which can resist temperatures up to 100°c without deforming. PLA is a material commonly used in 3D printing. It is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources – such as corn, tapioca, or sugar cane. PLA materials are completely biodegradable, non-poisonous, and heat-resistant. But it’s the level of heat resistance which many researchers – including those at ITRI – have been focusing on in their PLA development. With rising oil prices and increasing environmental awareness, Taiwan’s ITRI has increased its focus on developing bioplastics to replace traditional plastics made with fossil fuels.

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