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Google’s Gradient Ventures to lead $10M Series A round for Dyndrite additive manufacturing software

Dyndrite Corporation, a Seattle-based additive manufacturing software company, has announced that Google’s AI-focused investment fund, Gradient Ventures, will lead its $10 million Series A funding round. Cota Capital, Amplify Ventures, the House Fund, and Carl Bass, former President and CEO of Autodesk, are also investing in this round which enables the release of software tools within […]

Open Heritage-Projekt: Google und Stratasys drucken Modelle historischer Monumente

3D gedruckte Monumente Stratasys Google 300x176 - Open Heritage-Projekt: Google und Stratasys drucken Modelle historischer Monumente

Google Arts and Culture erstellt mit dem Stratasys J750 3D-Drucker im Rahmen des Open Heritage-Projekt Modelle von historischen Monumenten und Artefakte. Stratasys und Google Arts and Culture stellen die Kraft des Realismus in 3D-gedruckten Modellen unter Beweis und stellen durch die additive Fertigung einige der weltweit am meisten geschätzten Artefakte und historischen Monumente vor. Dank [...]

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Google and Stratasys collaborate to preserve cultural heritage with 3D printing

Today, established 3D printer OEM Stratasys announced that it has been collaborating with Google Arts and Culture to 3D print replicas of the world’s artifacts and historical monuments. An extension of Google’s Open Heritage 3D scanning project with CyArk the collaboration was set up to create tactile objects of the data generated in this initiative and encourage […]

3D Printing Jobs and Career Moves Update, FATHOM, nScrypt, HP, BIOLIFE4D and Apollo Robotics

Searching for 3D printing jobs, or looking for experts in 3D printing? 3D Printing Industry’s 3D Printing Job Board provides job seekers with the latest job postings in additive manufacturing. Businesses can also post positions where 3D modeling, mechanical design, software development, and sales specialists are in demand. The following details the latest 3D printing […]

AREVO raises $12.5 million in new capital for “true 3D” printing technology

AREVO, a company dedicated to direct digital additive manufacturing of composite materials, has announced a $12.5 million Series B financing round, and the introduction of a new CEO. The funding will contribute to ongoing R&D efforts, the round was led by Japanese global glass manufacturing company Asahi Glass, with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, Leslie Ventures and Khosla Ventures. […]

Google nutzt CyArk’s 3D-Laser-Scanning-Technologie LiDAR für Open Heritage Projekt

Google nutzt CyArks LiDAR Laser Scanning Technologie für Open Heritage Projekt2 300x173 - Google nutzt CyArk's 3D-Laser-Scanning-Technologie LiDAR für Open Heritage Projekt

Der Internetriese Google LLC schloss sich kürzlich mit der gemeinnützigen Organisation CyArk zusammen, um im Rahmen des Projekts Open Heritage archäologische Bauten digital mit Hilfe der 3D-Laser-Scanning-Technologie LiDAR festzuhalten und teils wiederherzustellen. 3D-Druck tauchte die letzten Jahre über in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen auf. Auch in Kunst und Kultur schlichen sich diese Technologien nach und nach […]

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3D printing news Sliced Google, Robo 3D, Airbus and Stratasys

How is 3D scanning saving heritage sites? How can 3D printing help survivors of human trafficking? Which city has the most active 3D printing scene? All this and more in the latest edition of Sliced including news from Ultimaker, Renishaw, NASA and Identify3D. Saving archaeological wonders, Electron rockets, and celebrating Earth day It is always interesting to see the […]

Facebook ermöglicht das Teilen von 3D-Modellen

FB fLogo Blue broadcast 2 - Facebook ermöglicht das Teilen von 3D-Modellen

Facebook ermöglicht in Zukunft das Teilen von 3D-Modellen. Mit sogenannten 3D Posts soll Augmented Reality (AR) und Virtual Reality (VR) verstärkt auch von Facebookbenutzern genutzt werden.  Im letzten Jahr gab es viel Kritik für Facebook. Daher hat sich Marc Zuckerberg mit seinem Team entschlossen, einiges zu verändern. Insbesondere der News Feed Algorithmus sollte stark verbessert werden. […]

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3D printed art on display in Google and Joris Laarman exhibitions

This week sees two pertinent exhibitions involving digital design, cultural heritage and 3D printing open to the public. In Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) museum, 10 3D printed ceramic vases bearing the name of 10 culturally significant objects or concepts have gone on permanent display to visitors. This experimental exhibit, entitled Future Relics, was organized by CSMVS, Google […]

Interview: Sketchfab CEO on launch of Sketchfab Store monetizing 3D models

Sketchfab has followed the money and beta launched the Sketchfab Store, an online platform where users can buy and sell 3D models and designs. 3D Printing Industry caught up with Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyel to learn more about this new direction and future plans for the platform. Sketchfab previously gave users the option of making […]