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Optomec strengthens metal additive manufacturing hold through acquisition of Huffman

Optomec, the American company behind LENS additive manufacturing and Aerosol Jet Printing technology, has acquired Huffman LLC, a CNC and laser cladding machine supplier and service provider from Clover, South Carolina. Though full terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, Optomec has confirmed that this strategic move seeks to leverage Hoffman’s wealth of experience in the […]

MTC’s presents FlexiFinish Project – an automated post-processing solution

The UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), located in Coventry, has revealed the results of its two-year project, FlexiFinish, which aims to provide an automated additive manufacturing post-processing solution for metallic components. The FlexiFinish solution Launched in 2016, and led by TTL, a Buckinghamshire-based supplier of CAD/CAM, CNC machining technology, the FlexiFinish project sought to address […]

GE Additive opens $15 million Customer Experience Center in Munich

Expanding support for new and existing customers in Europe, GE Additive has launched its Customer Experience Center in Munich. The new 2,700 square meter facility is the first international center of this kind from GE. The chosen location also makes it neighbor to a number of other key players in the 3D printing industry, contributing to a […]

GE breaks turbine energy efficiency record using additive manufacturing

GE’s largest and most efficient gas turbine the HA, nicknamed HArriet, has broken its own net efficiency record. Beating previous orders at 63.7% efficiency, the HA is now available at 64% under conditions recorded at a test plant in Greenville, South Carolina. The company attributes this feat to “combustion breakthroughs through constant innovation,” and applying […]

GE Power opens Factory of the future in South Carolina

By 3D Printing Industry

A giant facility full of machinery capable of producing almost anything a creator dreams up, with a personalized robot to boot; GE’s new Advanced Manufacturing Works sounds rather like a futuristic Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. However, with $75 million worth of investment behind its creation, this gargantuan workshop is designed to create more than candy […]

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