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Sinterit stellt Upgrades für den Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker vor

Sinterit Lisa Upgrade 300x265 - Sinterit stellt Upgrades für den Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker vor

Sinterit hat vor längerem den Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker veröffentlicht. Vor kurzem folgte dann der leistungsstärkerer Lisa 2 Pro und jetzt soll auch noch ein Upgrade für den ursprünglichen Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker folgen. Seitdem der Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker 2014 veröffentlicht wurde, hat das Entwicklungsteam von Sinterit laufend an Verbesserungen gearbeitet. So wurde das Urmodell weiter verbessert [...]

Der Beitrag Sinterit stellt Upgrades für den Lisa SLS 3D-Drucker vor erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

Sinterit 3D printed parts help rescue teams combat wildfires

Sinterit, a Polish manufacturer of SLS 3D printers, has released a new case study demonstrating the effective production of a part used in firefighting equipment. A critical part of devices used in combating wildfires, the 3D printed part is a demonstration of the abilities of selective laser sintering (SLS), and dramatically cuts down the design […]

Sneak peek of the new Sinterit 3D printer and an intro to SLS

This week I was invited on behalf of 3D Printing Industry to the headquarters of Sinterit in Kraków, Poland. Sinterit was founded with the goal of bringing selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing to the desktop, opening up access to the technology. In 2015 this goal was achieved with the launch of the LISA 3D printer and, during my […]

An interview with 3D printed fashion designer and researcher Mingjing Lin

3D Printing Industry has followed the work of innovative fashion designer and PhD researcher Mingjing Lin for some time. Most recently, I attended an exclusive performance of Farewell My Concubine by Beijing Opera singers at the Royal College of Art, London (RCA) to see how Mingjing Lin and Tsai-Chun Huang are working with Polish SLS […]

Sinterit Lisa hit the Italian Market

The new and affordable SLS Polish printer lands from May 2016 in the Italian market. The first international distribution agreement signed by ShareMind with the emerging company Sinterit, based in Krakow, will enable the Italian companies to access to a professional solution for printing small number of mechanical parts using selective sintering. This technology , until recently […]