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Boeing collaborates with Assembrix to secure 3D printing

3D printing is a hotbed of intellectual property (IP) and, as a number of projects have proved, its protection can be just as lucrative as the innovation. In the aerospace industry especially, where competition runs high and products remain in development for a number of years, IP protection is a primary concern. In a new Memorandum of […]

Interview: New study shows 3D printing is second fastest growing technology of 2017

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has published a new report showing the enterprises, technologies and countries with the most patents. For 2017, over 320,000 patents were granted – an increase of 5.2% on the previous year and a new record. I caught up with Larry Cady, senior analyst, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, to learn more about […]

European Parliament considers 3D printing IP and civil liability

The relationship between 3D printing, copyright, and the protection of intellectual property has experienced some strain due to its necessarily digital nature. Readers may remember a debacle surrounding the unauthorized sale of 3D printed designs by Louise Driggers (aka Loubie) – an issue that was quickly cleared up thanks to the online community. In a landmark […]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Concept Laser, Boeing, Bournemouth University, Feetz, Stratasys and Bell Helicopter

In this week’s Sliced digest we feature 3D printing news from Burloak Technologies, GoEngineer, Concept Laser, Boeing, Feetz, Stratasys, Bell Helicopter, and an IP event hosted …