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BMW unveils Individual M850i Night Sky with 3D printed meteoric parts

German multinational automotive company BMW Group, has introduced the BMW Individual M850i Night Sky car, including parts made by additive manufacturing. Through the company’s customization facility BMW Individual Manufaktur, in Garching, Germany, the one-off M850i Night Sky was designed in anticipation of an intense meteor shower which took place earlier this week. Using aluminum and meteoritic rock materials, […]

BMBF project creates novel concepts for metal 3D printing in automotive production

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) project has concluded after three years of examining the “Integration of Additive Manufacturing Processes in Automobile Series Production,” also known as “AutoAdd.” Coordinated by Daimler AG, a German multinational automotive corporation, this BMBF project included BMW Group, GKN Sinter Metals Engineering,TRUMPF, Autodesk, as well as the […]

3D Printing News Sliced Protolabs, 3D Systems, Energica, Samsung, BMW Group, the FBI

This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced follows the latest innovations from BigRep; 3D printed motorcycles and the escape from Alcatraz. Featured stories include Protolabs, FIT, Energica, Samsung, BMW Group, BigRep, Swinburne University of Technology, and more. Escape from Alcatraz 3D printed decoy heads The FBI San Francisco Division has presented the Golden Gate […]

BMW Group setzt verstärkt auf 3D-Druck

bmw additive fertigung 300x200 - BMW Group setzt verstärkt auf 3D-Druck

BMW setzt schon seit mehreren Jahren auf additive Fertigung. Der Autokonzern aus Bayern gab bekannt, dass der Einsatz der Technik immer wichtiger wird und teilweise auch in der Serienproduktion eingesetzt wird. Die BMW Group teilte in einer Presseaussendung mit, dass der Einsatz von 3D-gedruckten Teilen in der Gruppe immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt. In den [...]

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BMW erhält Altair Enlighten Award für 3D-gedruckte Metall-Dachhalterung

BMW erhält Altair Enlighten Award für 3D gedruckten Metall Dachträger 300x183 - BMW erhält Altair Enlighten Award für 3D-gedruckte Metall-Dachhalterung

Der in München ansässige Automobilkonzern BMW Group darf sich für die Herstellung seiner 3D-gedruckten Metall-Cabrio-Dachhalterung nun über den diesjährigen Altair Enlighten Award 2018 in der Kategorie Module freuen. Ins Leben gerufen wurden die Altair Enlighten Awards, um bewundernswerte Fortschritte in der Leichtbautechnologie zu würdigen. Die diesjährigen Gewinner wurden im Rahmen der CAR Management Briefing Seminars [...]

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BMW receives Altair Enlighten Award for metal 3D printed roof bracket

BMW Group, the German multinational automotive company, has received the 2018 Altair Enlighten Award In the Module category for its 3D printed metal convertible roof bracket. The Altair Enlighten Awards, presented at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, in Michigan, recognizes admirable advances in lightweight technology. Said to be the first 3D printed metal component used […]

Can 3D printing reinvent the bicycle? Latest innovations from Reynolds and AREVO

Reynolds, a UK manufacturer of bicycle frames and components, is using metal 3D printing technology to develop a range of customizable stainless steel and titanium frame-parts. With this range, Reynolds will streamline production processes for frame builders in the cycling industry. Additively manufactured bespoke bicycles With over a century of experience, Reynolds has seen the […]

3D printing news Sliced Lockheed Martin, Aurora Labs, MyMiniFactory, Robo 3D, BMW

How can architecture inspire 3D printed fashion pieces? When will we be able to 3D print buildings? Are self-correcting 3D printers right around the corner? This edition of 3D printing news Sliced features Aurora Labs,GE, MyMiniFactory, Smet Construction Services, Inc., Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3D, Autodesk, Faro and more. AM in art & crafts, architecture, and […]

Hyundai Mobis open $2.8 million 3D printing and design workshop for vehicles

Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group that manufactures automotive parts in South Korea, has opened a 3D printing lab, the Design Model Workshop, which has the capacity to 3D print customized vehicle parts. It is South Korea’s first design research facility launched by an automotive component supplier. Prototyping 3D printed parts on clay […]

BMW Group invests €10 million in German Additive Manufacturing Campus

The multinational automotive BMW Group has invested €10 million (approximately $12.3 million) in an Additive Manufacturing Campus scheduled to open early 2019. A 6,000 square meter facility, the new Additive Manufacturing Campus will focus on prototyping, series production of parts, and customized solutions for the automotive industry. Udo Hänle, Head of Production Integration at BMW comments, “Our new […]