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Additive Fertigung rechtlich und technisch absichern

Wer additive Fertigungsverfahren nutzen will, steht nicht nur vor technischen und wirtschaftlichen Herausforderungen, sondern muss die Digitalisierung seiner Produktion auch rechtlich absichern und außerdem zur Verfügung stehende technische Möglichkeiten ausschöpfen. Der wirtschaftliche Erfolg des Einsatzes des 3D-Drucks im industriellen Rahmen kann von Fragen folgender Art abhängen: Sind unsere Produkte vor Nachahmern geschützt und was geschieht, wenn unsere 3D-Modelle

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How will Europe tackle the IP problem in 3D printing

The issue of Intellectual Property just won’t go away and we all know it’s a major problem that the 3D printing world will have to deal with. Now a new paper from the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Law, the Admanl Project and Tekes hopes to shed some light on the matter. 3D printing technology is getting better and cheaper. Since 2007, universities and collectives have worked on open-source software and DIY assembly kits. A number of patents have now expired, too. So entire desktop manufacturing processes and 3D printing are now within reach of the average home user. As this technology improves we face an ethical conundrum. With a 3D scanner and printer we have the means to copy virtually anything and disrupt the entire supply chain. The Finnish institutions joined forces to see how this might impact patent law specifically and what we as an industry can do about it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report revealed a great deal of uncertainty in the system. There is no case history to fall back on right now and the IP holders, CAD file repositories and the end users are all involved. Europe has at least one answer The EU Unitary Patent Package has been mooted as a potential solution, but it is stuck in the process of ratification and has been there since 2013. Even when it comes into force, there is […]

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How to defend your copyright in 3D printing

By Nick Hall

We all know that 3D printing is set to change the world. Soon we’re going to be able to print anything in the comfort of our own homes. It is going to be a total revolution, but we will face issues along the way. Copyright is a complex problem that keeps coming up and so […]

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Ist dein geistiges Eigentum auf Thingiverse und Co sicher? – Update

Im Moment gibt es eine Kontroverse über Daten die auf Thingiverse veröffentlicht wurden und von einem Händler über eBay als 3D Drucke verkauft werden – nun hat auch MakerBot reagiert.

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