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3D-Drucker Review CR10 – Creality3D CR 10

Der CR10 ist ein aktueller 3D-Drucker aus China, der sich großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Wir haben dem 3D-Drucker auf den Zahn gefühlt und seine Stärken und Schwächen ergründet. Schon auf den ersten Blick fällt auf, dass der CR10 anders ist. Er wirkt sehr groß und gleichzeitig scheint weniger Mechanik verbaut zu sein. Die Elektronik findet in […]

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Farsoon CAMS 3D printer will be “the largest plastic powder bed system”

While 3D printing is currently extensively used for individual part production and protoyping, additive manufacturing on a continuous and industrial scale is not yet available. Farsoon Technologies, a global producer of both industrial polymer and metal 3D printers, is addressing this and has announced that its newest machine will feature a Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution […]

Robot used in Chinese 3D printed dental implant surgery

Two 3D printed dental implants have been autonomously placed in the mouth of a volunteer patient by the world’s first autonomous surgical robot. The hour-long procedure, supervised by surgeons from the Fourth Military Medical Institute took place in Xi’an, central China, and used a robot jointly developed by the hospital and the robotics department at […]

Autonomer Roboter transplantiert 3D-gedruckten Zahn

Es klingt wie ferne Zukunft, doch tatsächlich handelt es sich um die Realität: Ein autonomer Roboter hat in China das erste Mal einen 3D-gedruckten Zahn transplantiert. Etwa 400 Millionen Menschen würden in China Zahnimplantate benötigen, doch nur etwa 1 Million Menschen pro Jahr erhalten auch welche. 3D-Druck und Zahnmedizin lassen sich gut kombinieren, das zeigen […]

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Chinese city registers all Additive Manufacturing industries to ensure “social security”

Authorities in Chongqing, Southern China have announced that they will require all 3D printing companies based in the city to register with local police. Xinhua, China’s state news agency, reported that the objective of the measure is to both keep dangerous and illegal products from the public, whilst also controlling the production and sales of […]

HeyGears wearables to build $148.8 million 3D printing R&D facility in China

Wearable technology company HeyGears is reportedly investing the equivalent of  $148.8 million USD (1 billion Chinese Yuan) into building a 3D printing R&D facility for the Foshan district of Guangdong, southeast China. The facility will contribute to the “Made in China 2025” intiative launched by the Chinese government to internationally promote the nation’s industrial and […]

TARC and Automobile City use 3D printing for electric car revolution

At the 2017 TAIPEI AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei Show, the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC) showcased a new electronic vehicle (EV) with 3D printed parts. The vehicle has …

HP kündigt Expansion und Deal mit Shining 3D ePrint an

HP hat einen großen Deal mit dem Chinesischen Hersteller Shining 3D ePrint angekündigt und gleichzeitig Pläne zur Expansion in der Asia-Pazifik Region.  In den Deal eingeschlossen sind über 50 HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D-Drucker für die Asia-Pazifik Region, die an Shining 3D ePrint geliefert werden. Shining 3D besitzt weltweit über 10,000 Kunden und ist daher […]

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