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U.S. Navy awards GE $9 million for metal 3D printing digital twin

With an award of $9 million over the next four years, GE Global Research is to develop a process for creating 1:1 scale twin digital models of metal 3D printed parts for the U.S. Navy. According to recent estimates, the Navy will depend upon approximately 1,000 3D printed parts by the end of 2018. Through the […]

Real-time metal 3D printer monitoring at El Paso awarded in $900K ARL grant

Two metal 3D printing projects at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) have been awarded funding in a nine-hundred thousand dollar grant from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL). With problem-solving objectives, the projects look to develop a method of monitoring and auto-correcting powder-bed fusion based processes, and to enhance the mechanical properties of […]

SLAC perfect recipe for metal 3D printing under investigation by Lawrence Livermore and Dept. of Energy

From speaking to researchers in metal 3D printing, it’s clear that innovation is driven by perfection. No matter what the application, from large-scale airplane components to lightweight turbine blades, the goal is to 3D print a flawless piece of metalwork. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California, has been a key driver of such developments, […]

Seurat Technologie sichert sich $13,5 Millionen zur Weiterentwicklung von Technologie für Metall-3D-Druck

Seurat Technologies, ein Start-up mit Sitz im Silicon Valley, konnte sich vor Kurzem eine Serie A Finanzierungsrunde von $ 13,5 Millionen sichern. Dies soll dem Unternehmen dabei helfen seine innovative 3D-Drucktechnologie für Metalle schneller auf den Markt zu bringen. Untern den Investoren finden sich True Ventures, GM Ventures, Porsche SE, next47 im Namen von Siemens […]

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LLNL discovers new piece of two-photon lithography by turning it on its head

Improving the delicate process of 3D printing features smaller than the width of a human hair has, as you can imagine, many parameters to consider. To widen the applications of the method, new materials have to be created. And increasing the size of parts can come at a cost to time. At Lawrence Livermore National […]

3D Printing Industry Review of the year August 2017

It was earnings season in the 3D printing industry and we covered the financials of ExOne, SLM Solutions, Stratasys, Nano Dimension and Sigma Labs. It will be interesting to see how the projections made halfway through 2017 weigh up to end of year reports due for release in January. Small steps, big impact Perhaps the […]

Leading U.S. researchers demonstrate layer-free volumetric 3D printing

Volumetric 3D printing, also known as hologram 3D printing, has the potential to expedite light-based additive manufacturing in a way never seen before. The power of the process lies in its ability to cure objects in a single step, abandoning the use of support structures and the typical layer-by-layer approach. The method is the subject […]

3Diligent delivers on grand designs to offer Silicone 3D printing

Rapid manufacturing service provider 3Diligent has introduced 3D printing of silicone to its capabilities. Based in El Segundo, California, the company is now accepting requests for quotes for silicone in the hope that innovative designers will make use of the service. The possible applications of 3D printed silicone range from electronics to artificial organs, making […]

LLNL stainless steel 3D printing “better than traditional manufacturing”

In a recent study led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), scientists have discovered a way of making stainless steel two to three times stronger than usual. The method takes advantage of the unique grain structure of stainless steel parts when 3D printed using powder bed fusion (PBF) technology. Though the goal of the research was […]

Lawrence Livermore demo first 4D printed silicone form fitting material

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has revealed more details about its 4D printed silicone material. When squashed down to a fraction of its size, the polymer is capable of regaining its original shape, giving it properties suitable for form-fitting cushioning like that found in clothes, motorcycle helmets, and shoe insoles. Discovered by chance, LLNL researchers […]