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USC electric field 3D printing method makes graphene smart armor

Scientists from the University of Southern California (USC) are using 3D printing to investigate the the potential of smart metamaterials. Adding the brick-and-mortar structure of high-strength nacre (aka mother of pearl) to electrically conductive graphene, the team have demonstrated the ability to create self-sensing armor. Proven in a small-scale experiment with a LEGO figurine, a recent paper […]

Graphmatec develops 3D printable graphene filament

Swedish graphene nanocomposite materials developer Graphmatech, and Add North 3D, a manufacturer of desktop and industrial use 3D printer filaments, have teamed up to develop a new range of materials for use with FFF/FDM technology. Graphene-based, the new 3D printer filaments are highly conductive, ideal for thermal and electrical applications. Scaleable graphene production  Graphmatech was founded […]

3D printing news Sliced Xometry, OMNI3D, Harvard, Black Panther

How is 3D printing beating brain cancer? What happened to New Matter? A behind the scenes look at Black Panther and more of the latest 3D printing news from Harvard University, the Yas Marina Circuit, LUNAR, Carbon, Mimaki and Xometry. 3D printing applications from the awesome to the unusual GravityB 3D is a studio based in […]

3D printing news Sliced HP, Carbon, Proto Labs, Jeju National University

Are graphene seal whiskers the future of smart sensors? How can you make new 3D printer materials using light? What can you do to improve the strength and appearance of low-cost 3D printed parts? All these questions and more, from adidas, Siemens, CollPlant, Proto Labs and South Korea, answered in today’s edition of Sliced 3D printing […]

Metal 3D printing unlocks 3D graphene foam from a mixture of sugar and nickel

Research led by the James M. Tour Group at Rice University, Texas, has developed an automated metal powder 3D printing method to make free-standing 3D graphene …

Harbin researchers 3D print the un-printable with graphene oxide injected ink

Researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology and Ministry of Education in China have released a paper demonstrating the use of graphene oxide in a 3D …

Graphene PLA 3D printed to make rechargeable batteries

Collaborative research from the UK’s Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Chester, and Central South University in China, demonstrates the use of graphene based PLA to make …