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Xilloc expands 3D printed orthopaedic portfolio with OTN

Xilloc, a company that specializes in patient-specific, 3D printed medical implants, has acquired fellow Dutch medical device company Orthopedie Technologie Nijmegen (OTN) for an undisclosed sum. As a result of the business deal, OTN’s products will now be added to Xilloc’s product portfolio, an addition the companies say is a perfect “click” between the two. Products […]

Limbitless Solutions begins first-of-its-kind clinical trials for 3D printed arms

This week Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit organization based at the University of Central Florida (UCF), began “the first U.S. clinical trial of bionic arms for children produced on 3D printers.” A landmark moment for all parties involved, the trials will determine whether Limitbless prosthesis can be certified by […]

Why are 3D printed prosthesis in demand? GCU outreach introduces regenerative bandages

3D printed prosthesis are increasingly common in medicine, with several non-profit and startup companies, such as E-Nable and Victoria Hand, started in support of the technology. Often much of the outreach from these projects takes place in countries with inaccessible healthcare. While there is no denying the need for low-cost prosthesis in such countries, one […]

Stratasys and Dassault Systèmes to power Unlimited Tomorrow prosthetics

Continuing our coverage of 3D printing at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys and French software developer Dassault Systèmes have announced that they will be jointly powering Unlimited Tomorrow, a personalized prosthetics startup founded by inventor Easton LaChapelle. As part of the collaboration, Stratasys will provide 3D printing technology to Unlimited Tomorrow, while Dassault […]

TU Delft’s 3D printed metamaterial hip puts a spring in the step

Metamaterials are materials engineered with properties that allow them to behave outside, or “beyond”, their nature. They come in many different forms with varying capabilities, including electric and sonic manipulation, or the way they deform under pressure, i.e. auxetic metamaterials. At Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), a team led by Professor Amir Zadpoor has […]

3D printing news Sliced New Balance, Thingiverse, UC San Diego

In a week full of CES 2018 announcements and patents, a number of 3D printing applications in education, business, research and medicine have flown under the radar. For today’s 3D printing news digest, we slice all the latest stories from companies including Renishaw, New Balance and Thingiverse, and research institutions such as Gerogia Tech and ETH Zurich. […]

3D Printing Industry Review of the year July 2017

July 2017 could be thought of as the “month of medicine” on 3D Printing Industry. Amidst the publication of Gartner’s 3D printing hype cycle, and discussions around net neutrality, individuals and research teams around the world put their heads together to develop cutting edge technology that could improve the quality of healthcare. Revolutions in healthcare […]

CoEP makes CAD software accessible to doctors in landmark ear surgery

Professors at the College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) in India have developed a software system making 3D printing in hospitals more accessible to doctors. The Osto3D program is a computer aided design (CAD) platform that can be used by physicians without any experience of 3D modeling. Proving its utility, the software has been used to […]