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Newcastle University creates first 3D printed human corneas

Scientists at Newcastle University (NCL) have successfully 3D printed human corneas for the first time. Gelatinous and multicellular, the artificial corneas are valuable steps towards much needed solutions for the millions of people suffering from eye disease and severe damage around the world. A vivid solution The cornea is a vital part of human vision; […]

CELLINK partners with CTI BIOTECH for 3D bioprinted cancer research

Swedish 3D bioprinter provider CELLINK has released details of a partnership with French regenerative medicine research and development company CTI BIOTECH. A fully licensed human tissue biobank, CTI BIOTECH is using CELLINK 3D bioprinters to create tumorous tissue models in-lab, and investigate new therapies for patients with cancer. Professor Colin McGuckin, Founder of CTI BIOTECH, said, […]

Swinburne microspheres could be key to sustaining 3D bioprinted cells

In 3D bioprinting for tissue regeneration, the goal is to deposit living cells into an environment as close as possible to the human body. One of the key ingredients for sustenance is protein, or a steroid hormone, allowing the cells to feed for a given amount of time. Working at Victoria’s $143.6 million Aikenhead Centre […]

3D-Bioprinting Startup CELLINK eröffnet neue Niederlassung in den USA

Das Startup CELLINK mit Sitz in Schweden hat die Eröffnung eines Büros in Cambridge in den USA bekannt gegeben. Das Unternehmen hat neben Bioprinting-Tinten auch leistbare 3D-Bioprinter auf den Markt gebracht, zuletzt den BIO X. CELLINK wurde 2016 von Erik Gatenholm und Hector Martinez nach der Entwicklung eines universellen 3D-Bioprinting-Materials, genannt CELLINK, gegründet. Das Startup hat […]

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