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3D Printing News Sliced: Rocket Lab, David Bowie, Resident Evil 2

In this week’s Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, we take a look at the latest creative application using 3D printing, including further forays into 3D printed wearables, 3D printed transport, and how the 3D printing community is experimenting with virtual reality and portable 3D printers. Also included are the latest business developments from FDM […]

Innovate UK grants Valuechain funding to bring AI to 3D printing

VR visualization of a Bentley interior, made possible by Valuechain. Image via, a UK-based software company has received a £960k grant from Innovate UK, a non-departmental public body for accelerating innovation. The funding will go towards integrating Artificial Intelligence capabilities into Valuechain’s production management software for additive manufacturing called DNAam. Tom Dawes, CEO of Valuechain, said, “with this project, we are looking to be able to model […]

FDM Digital Solutions bekam Finanzierung von 860.000 Pfund

Das britische Unternehmen FDM Digital Solutions entwickelt für das National Health Service (NHS) maßgefertigte Einlegesohlen. Die Firma bekam nun ein Investment in der Höhe von 860.000 Pfund (ungefähr 1,04 Millionen Euro) von North West Fund for Venture Capital und Lancashire’s Rosebud Fund. “National Health Service” ist das staatliche Gesundheitssystem von Großbritannien. Menschen mit Fußproblemen bekommen […]

Innovative 3D Printed Foot Support Wins £860k Investment

( FDM Digital Solutions (FDM), a UK-based company which is developing a 3D printing system to produce made-to-measure insoles for the National Health Service (NHS), has secured an £860,000 investment from the North West Fund for Venture Capital and Lancashire’s Rosebud Fund.
The NHS provides foot shoe inserts, or ‘foot orthotics’ to people who suffer pain from walking. The foot orthotics are engineered to provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning foot joints. However, these devices are hand-made, slow to manufacture and often take 2-4 weeks to be delivered to the clinician.
But with the use of 3D printing, waiting times could be dramatically reduced. Hospitals scan a patient’s foot and then email the details to FDM, whereupon the soles will be printed to the exact specification and delivered within 48 hours. The process will replace the traditional hand-made techniques and could revolutionize the way the NHS buys orthotics and other products.
The funding will allow FDM to invest in the latest 3D technology to fulfill future orders.

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