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VR und 3D-Druck im Internet der Dinge

real avatar 300x160 - VR und 3D-Druck im Internet der Dinge

Auf den ersten Blick haben Virtual Reality und die Additive Fertigung nichts mit dem „Internet of Things (IoT)“  zu tun. Dieser Eindruck täuscht. Man stelle sich vor, dass die „Dinge“ im IoT aus dem 3D-Drucker kommen und man stelle sich vor, dass diese „Dinge“ über ein Virtual Reality Headset gesteuert werden. Und das in Echtzeit [...]

Der Beitrag VR und 3D-Druck im Internet der Dinge erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

Australian alliance to revolutionze 3D printing in mining

Mineral Technologies (NYSE:MTX), the New York headquartered mining subsidiary of Australian integrated services company Downer Group, has entered a 3D printing R&D collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC). Gravity spirals, used to separate valuable minerals from mined material, will be the focus of the research, and together the teams hope […]

BEEVERYCREATIVE, Siemens and CadFlow open i-Experience Centers 4.0 for next gen manufacturing

Portuguese 3D printing technology developer BEEVERYCREATIVE has joined with Siemens and 3D software company CadFlow to launch i-Experience Centers 4.0 across Portugal. The first of these centers, designed to boost a national commitment to Industry 4.0 technical developments, was inaugurated in Alfragide, 10km outside central Lisbon. Manuel Caldeira Cabral, the Portuguese Minister for Economic Affairs, Pedro Pires […]

Autodesk opens multi million pound UK advanced manufacturing facility

Millions of pounds have been contributed to establish an Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in the city of Birmingham in the UK. The AMF is Autodesk’s sixth technology center in the world, joining the likes of Australia’s Materials Lab, and the Pier 9 workshop in California. It is equipped with all the latest automated manufacturing technologies, […]

Report: 3D Printing has greater potential than Genome Editing, Augmented Reality

A new report by Lux Research ranks 3D printing as one of the most important technologies to watch in 2018. Andrew Stockwell, Senior VP of Research, Product & Operations at Lux said, “We looked at traditional industry approaches to predicting technology innovations to watch, and they were all based on intuition, surveys of industry executives, […]

Local Motors receives billion dollar support for Olli 3D printed bus

Teaming up with Florida’s Elite Transportation Services (ETS) and automotive financing firm Xcelerate, Local Motors has secured operational support and money to fund the 3D printed, autonomous Olli shuttle bus. In the terms of the agreement, Olli maintenance, warranty service, insurance, monitoring, management and operations will be outsourced to ETS. For customers of these services, ETS […]

3D Printing News Sliced MIT, Thermwood, Renishaw, Land Rover, SLM Solutions

In today’s Sliced digest of 3D printing and 3D printer news we feature Gartner, Louise Driggers, the U.S. Navy, University of Pittsburgh, EOS, MIT, Carleton University, …