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Umbra large-scale 3D modeling beats Google Maps at its own game

Umbra, a 3D modelling company based in Helsinki, Finland, has set its sights on making a highly-detailed scan of the whole world. A potentially Google Maps-beating technology, Umbra uses photogrammmetry data to stitch together its highly complex models which can be viewed in the cloud. Crunching large datasets Primarily, Umbra’s real-world applications are in product development, gaming, […]

3D printing to study sexual behaviour of yellow toads in Costa Rica

While 3D printing has previously been used to study extinct animals, research is now turning to live fauna. Academics at the University of Windsor in Canada are using 3D printed toads to study the seasonal behaviours of a particular species of toads specific to Costa Rica. After a long and dry period, a time of […]

Egyptian Civilisations brought to life for the BBC at Fab Lab Warrington

Egyptian artifacts discovered in the Valley of the Kings have been faithfully recreated by 3D printing at Fab Lab Warrington. A series of canopic jars, used to preserve organs for the afterlife, and other ancients objects were made as part of a festival held by the BBC that saw museums up and down the country come […]

Why 3D print copies of art and sculpture? Interview with Scan the World

Scan the World is a project founded by Jonathan Beck in 2014. In his own words, Jonathan explains it as ”a community built initiative archiving objects …

Der Flughafen Heathrow zeigt eine 3D gedruckte Fotoausstellung

Der Künstler Henry Reichhold brachte mit seiner neuesten Ausstellung die Einflüsse von 3D Druck in die Welt der Fotografie. Die Werke von Henry Reichhold wurden aus über 200 Bildern zusammengesetzt, so konnten Tiefen in die zweidimensionalen Bilder gebracht werden. Diese Technik wird als Photogrammetry bezeichnet und auch bei vielen Full Body 3D Scannern eingesetzt, auch wenn mit viel […]

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