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Michigan Tech’s Joshua Pearce launches free open-source 3D printing course

One of the most popular open-source 3D printing courses, taught by Dr. Joshua Pearce at the Michigan Technological University is now available online for free. Dr. Pearce, an open-source champion and professor of Materials Science & Engineering and the Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan Tech is the author of Open-Source Lab: How to Build […]

3D Printing Industry Review of the Year May 2018

3D printing in May 2018 saw the launch of our second annual 3D Printing Industry Awards (2019 nominations now open) and marked the 10th Anniversary of the RepRap movement. In applications, some of the most popular articles included medical breakthroughs. We were also given the exclusive opportunity to see the latest machines coming to market. […]

Verbessern der RepRap-Drucke ohne viel Arbeit

Faser verstärkung 3D Druck 300x143 - Verbessern der RepRap-Drucke ohne viel Arbeit

In einem Blog-Post für RepRap Ltd. hat Dr. Adrian Bowyer, der Erfinder von selbstreplizierenden 3D-Druckern, eine mögliche Methode zum Erstellen stärkerer 3D-Druckobjekte beschrieben. Ein neuartiger Ansatz, die Methode von Dr. Bowyer, zeigt eine Möglichkeit, Faserverstärkungen im 3D-Druck zu erzeugen, ohne tatsächlich einen faserverstärkten Faden zu verwenden. Die Idee von Dr. Bowyer erwägt, dem Inneren eines [...]

Der Beitrag Verbessern der RepRap-Drucke ohne viel Arbeit erschien zuerst auf – The Independent AM Magazine.

No carbon fiber necessary: Dr. Adrian Bowyer unlocks stronger 3D prints

In a blog post for RepRap Ltd. Dr. Adrian Bowyer, the inventor of self-replicating 3D printers and winner of our Outstanding Contribution to 3D Printing, has described a potential method for creating stronger 3D printed objects. A novel approach, Dr. Bowyer’s method demonstrates a way of 3D printing fiber reinforcements without actually using a fiber-reinforced […]

Printrbot 3D printer founder Brook Drumm to return with new company

Brook Drumm has announced plans for a “completely new market/business” idea following the close of the former 3D printer manufacturer Printrbot which he founded in 2011. In lieu of his forthcoming venture, Drumm has also launched a Patreon for support of YouTube content, and will be conducting contract work for Ubis Hotends. The intro to Drumm’s Patreon page reads: […]

Studie: Nutzen von 3D-Druck für indigene Gemeinschaften

Studie Nutzen von 3D Druck für indigene Gemeinschaften2 300x256 - Studie: Nutzen von 3D-Druck für indigene Gemeinschaften

Im Rahmen einer neuen Studie untersuchte ein Forscher-Team den Nutzen von 3D-Druck für indigene Gemeinschaften. Erste Ergebnisse konnten bereits in Fällen von nomadischen Rentier-Hirten erhoben werden. Oft haben abgelegene Gemeinschaften oder Völker mit Problemen zu kämpfen, deren Lösung für unsere fortschrittliche Welt offensichtlich oder simpel wirken. Doch ein oft fehlender Zugang zu Elektrizität, kein Zugang [...]

Der Beitrag Studie: Nutzen von 3D-Druck für indigene Gemeinschaften erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

3D Printing Community saddened by closure of Printrbot 3D printers

Open source 3D printer manufacturer Printrbot has announced the close of its business, citing poor sales as the reason for the decision. A simple statement on the Printrbot website from founder Brook Drumm reads: “Printrbot is closed. Low sales led to hard decisions. We will be forever grateful to all the people we met and […]

Interview: Steve Wygant, SeeMeCNC, ‘open source projects generally do more for society at a faster pace’

To mark the 10th Anniversary of RepRap, 3D Printing Industry is interviewing early pioneers from the RepRap project and others who continue to share their work through Open Source licenses. Steve Wygant is the founder and CEO of SeeMeCNC. The Indiana based company designs and builds a variety of Delta 3D printers including the ARTEMIS […]

Interview: Roger Uceda, BCN3D Technologies, ‘being in an open source community multiplies your efforts exponentially’

Our series to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of RepRap continues with 3D printing insights from BCN3D Technologies. Roger Uceda is the founder of BCN3D Technologies, a division of the non-profit CIM-UPC foundation. In 2010, work began on developing a 3D printer at the research lab of the Barcelona Tech university, this project would later grow […]

Interview: Siert Wijnia, co-founder of Ultimaker ‘RepRap was the spark that ignited it all’

3D Printing Industry continues to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the RepRap with insights from the co-founder of one of the most successful and well-known 3D printing companies to emerge from the early days of open-source 3D printing. Siert Wijnia is the CTO and co-founder of Ultimaker. Based in The Netherlands, Ultimaker as an enterprise […]