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European Space Agency Will Launch 3D Printer to International Space Station

(Voice Chronicle) – The European Space Agency has announced it will launch its own European designed and manufactured 3D printer to the International Space Station. Portable On-Board Printer, or POP3D as the device is called, has been developed by Italy’s ASI space agency. It has been designed in such a way that it requires minimal… View Article

Europäische Weltraum-Agentur möchte (auch) am Mond Drucken – Update: Video

Die European Space Agency (ESA) möchte die Möglichkeiten von Gebäuden aus dem 3D-Drucker am Mond erforschen.  02.02.2013: Zwar klingt der Plan mithilfe eines 3D-Druckers Gebäude am Mond zu Drucken sehr futuristisch, tatsächlich ist weder die Idee noch die Technologie sonderlich neu. Bereits seit einigen Jahren arbeitet der Italiener Enrico Dini, mit seinem D-Shape 3D-Printer an Contour […]

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10 Ways 3D Printing Could Change Space Exploration

( The European Space Agency (ESA) is investigating the potential of 3D printing technology to transform the way space missions are put together. Here, the agency summarizes the ten ways 3D printing technology could change space missions:

1. Items may be impossible to make any other way
2. Computer design could be translated to physical models
3. Novel design rules of digital design could bring unexpected benefits
4. The technology could benefit the low-volume industry needs of space
5. 3D printing could enable quick, inexpensive models
6. The technique could facilitate testing of items
7. RF filters and engine parts could be 3D-printed more efficiently
8. Improvements in the production of lightweight lattices
9. Progress is being made in the routine use of AM parts in space
10. 3D printing buttresses the entire future potential of space

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