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Henkel investiert € 18 Millionen in neues 3D-Druckzentrum

Henkel investiert € 18 Millionen in neues 3D Druckzentrum 300x223 - Henkel investiert € 18 Millionen in neues 3D-Druckzentrum

Das deutsche Chemie- und Konsumgüterunternehmen Henkel kündigte die Eröffnung eines neuen 3D-Druckzentrums an. Hierfür will das Unternehmen in den nächsten vier Jahren eine Investition in Höhe von € 18 Millionen in deren Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum tätigen. Vor allem ist Henkel als Marktführer in der Herstellung von Klebstoffen, Dichtstoffen und funktionalen Beschichtungen bekannt. Diese Position möchte [...]

Der Beitrag Henkel investiert € 18 Millionen in neues 3D-Druckzentrum erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

Latest 3D printing jobs HP, Formlabs, 3YOURMIND, Ultimaker

3D printing jobs in finance, marketing, sales, engineering, management, content and more are now open for applications. Eagerly awaiting talented new candidates, these roles are live on the 3D Printing Industry Jobs board. Sign up and create your profile here to get your name noticed. With one week left on our limited launch offer to […]

HeyGears wearables to build $148.8 million 3D printing R&D facility in China

Wearable technology company HeyGears is reportedly investing the equivalent of  $148.8 million USD (1 billion Chinese Yuan) into building a 3D printing R&D facility for the Foshan district of Guangdong, southeast China. The facility will contribute to the “Made in China 2025” intiative launched by the Chinese government to internationally promote the nation’s industrial and […]

Foundation Awards Funds to Research Patient-Specific 3D-Printed Guides for Stroke Treatment

(3D Printing Industry) — The Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation announced that among the 11 recipients of a new $8.2 million round of investments is a collaborative effort between an Israeli company called Brainsgate, and Formlabs. Brainsgate is a “medical device company committed to developing a novel treatment modality, electrical SPG stimulation, “and they… View Article

Concept Laser Launches R&D Center

(Laser Focus World) Concept Laser has opened a new development center or “company think tank” in Lichtenfels, Germany. The 600 square meter R&D center will allow for expanded testing capacity with dedicated development equipment for LaserCUSING, in which finely pulverized metal is fused using a high-energy fiber laser.

For development engineers, the center offers an optimal platform for process development, as well as for the development of new LAM systems, such as the recent LaserCUSING System X line 1000R in XXL format. Another important benefit is to facilitate “discrete innovations:” this means that R&D activities can be carried out with clearly defined capacities while respecting bilateral confidentiality requirements.

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