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HoloLens gets an industrial mixed reality upgrade from Arvizio

Mixed reality is the combination of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). At enterprise level, it is used to add another dimension to product design and visualization. As a potential outcome of the process, and important part of industry 4.0, additive manufacturing is often linked to explorations of AR, VR and mixed reality. As […]

Luxexcel developing custom 3D printed lenses for AR/VR with additional $4.7M VC cash

3D printing ophthalmic lenses that are optically clear and customized for prescription eyewear may sound futuristic. Combining such lenses with VR/AR sounds even more so, however with a fresh influx of venture capital from Innovation Industries, this is precisely what Luxexcel plans to do. We’ve reported on Belgium based Luxexcel before, most recently when the […]

Autodesk kooperiert mit Microsoft für Windows 10 und HoloLens

Das Softwareunternehmen Autodesk hat die Integration seiner Spark 3D-Druck-Plattform in Windows 10 bekannt gegeben. Auch sollen seine digitalen 3D-Modelle zukünftig mit der HoloLens kompatibel sein. Durch die Einbettung von Autodesks 3D-Druck Plattform Spark in Windows 10, soll die neue Version des Betriebssystems über eine optimierte und verlässliche Softwarelösung für 3D-Druck Prozesse verfügen. Die Spark APIs werden für die

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