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Unlock a new cutting edge dimension to your 3D printer with Endurance Lasers

How can you turn a desktop 3D printer into a laser cutting and engraving machine? The answer lies with Endurance Lasers, which is offering 3D Printing Industry readers wishing to bring this enhanced function to their 3D printers a special 25% discount on any diode laser with the code “I_love_3DPrintingIndustry”. Opening up laser cutting and engraving The […]

Adobe Illustrator Tools For Makers

An Introduction To Illustrator Tools So You Can Create Designs With Confidence

So you’re bursting with wonderful creative ideas and you want to turn them into real life products that you can sell for a profit, use as branding tools or gift to friends and family. With a little help from Adobe Illustrator tools, these dream products can be a reality.

Why use Adobe Illustrator? Because it’s a pretty clever and powerful software.

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Get Noticed: 7 Craft & Design Ideas For Red Cardstock Paper That Grab Attention

New Material In NZ Catalog: Red Cardstock Paper

Red. It’s enticing. Engaging. Even flirtatious. Fashion designer Bill Blass says that, “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” So why do we L.O.V.E. red so much? Why is it so appealing?

“Throughout history, red has signaled excitement, dynamism and heat,” says Laurie Pressman, who has 20+ years experience in the world of color and is vice-president of the Pantone Color Institute. “The color of life and the color of danger,

The post Get Noticed: 7 Craft & Design Ideas For Red Cardstock Paper That Grab Attention appeared first on Ponoko.