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Iris van Herpen 3D printed “face jewellery” expresses hybridity at Paris Fashion Week 2019

3D printing is expanding the possibilities of design within the fashion industry by optimizing production processes, customization, and cost. The technology has become a tool for designers like Dutch artist Iris van Herpen to cover new ground, developing designs with striking features. She is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a […]

3D Printing News CrAMmed, University of Maryland, SUTD, TU Delft, RWTH Aachen University

Welcome to CrAMmed, the first edition of our 3D printing digest based on the latest academic additive manufacturing research. Today, CrAMmed details the latest applications for 3D printed molds from the Ming Chi University of Technology; 3D printed microfluidic circuitry for medical devices and pharmaceuticals from the University of Maryland; as well as 3D printed […]

3D Printing Industry review of the year October 2018

For the 3D printing industry, October 2018 was a month of progress and milestones. This month brought an extinct species back to life, and Apple’s 3D printer closer to birth. Flying higher with 3D printing October was a big month for GE Additive. The company announced a landmark event in the history of aviation and […]

Technische Möglichkeiten zur Herstellung von 3D-gedruckten technischen Bauteilen auf der Basis von wiederverwendetem Polypropylen

3d gedruckte Polypropylenteststreifen 300x189 - Technische Möglichkeiten zur Herstellung von 3D-gedruckten technischen Bauteilen auf der Basis von wiederverwendetem Polypropylen

Von Bakterien und Metamaterialien bis hin zu Shape-Shifting und Support-Free haben die innovativen Forscher der TU Delft im Laufe der Jahre mit einer Vielzahl von 3D-Druckmaterialien gearbeitet. Jetzt konzentriert sich ihr Fokus auf Polypropylen, ein thermoplastisches Polymer, das in einer Vielzahl von Anwendungen verwendet wird, obwohl Engineering typischerweise nicht unter diesen ist. Die TU Delft-Forscher [...]

Der Beitrag Technische Möglichkeiten zur Herstellung von 3D-gedruckten technischen Bauteilen auf der Basis von wiederverwendetem Polypropylen erschien zuerst auf – Das Magazin für 3D-Drucktechnologien.

Watch: TU Delft’s morphing chaise lounge proves applications for 4D printed furniture

Exploring the capabilities of 4D printing, members of the Robotic Building (RB) research group at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, have created a 3D printed chaise lounge that can swiftly transform into a bed. Project: Adaptive Stiffness Last year, Henriette Bier, TU Delft Associate Professor, and RB Group Leader and Arwin […]

Iris Van Herpen’s couture 3D printing stars in Paris Fashion Week 2018

3D printed fashions give designers a new means of expressing bold and inspiring looks. This week, the second of three 7 day events in the French capital’s fashion calendar, designers at Paris Fashion Week 2018 are flaunting the latest in Haute Couture. One of a kind and tailor-made, Haute Couture is the perfect platform for […]

TU Delft’s self folding tulip proves 4D printing’s potential in medicine

Professor Amir Zadpoor’s team at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) believes that the self folding ability of 3D printed polymers could have potential for next generation medical devices. In a recent paper for the journal Materials Horizons, the team demonstrate the 3D printing’s ability to make flat nets that fold into an array of […]

Refil erzeugt Filament aus gebrauchten Joghurtbechern

Refil ist ein Start Up aus den Niederlanden (gegründet von Absolventen der Delft University of Technology) das sich auf die Herstellung von Recyclingfilament spezialisiert hat. Das neueste Produkt von Refil ist PLA das zu 100% aus gebrauchten Joghurtbechern besteht. Refil möchte damit das weltweite Plastikproblem zu mindest nicht noch weiter verstärken. Der meiste Kunststoff wird […]

Der Beitrag erschien bei unter der URL Refil erzeugt Filament aus gebrauchten Joghurtbechern

Recycling yogurt pots to make 3D printer filament with Refil

Refil, a Netherlands based startup founded by alumni from the Delft University of Technology and members of the Better Future Factory design studio, has launched its latest PLA filament, made from fully recycled yogurt pots. The new PLA 3D printing material has the same qualities as newly manufactured “virgin” filament and is suitable for both […]