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INTERVIEW: Terry Wohlers on the 2018 Wohlers Report, explosive growth in 3D printing

The Wohlers Report 2018 was published last week. As in previous years, I caught up with Principal Author Terry Wohlers to learn more. The Wohlers Report is always eagerly awaited and regarded by many as the definitive guide to our industry. The vast amount of data provided has launched a thousand power-point presentations, and makes […]

ING report claims 3D printing will make over $6 trillion of goods within 40 years

A new report from ING, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation, finds that 3D printing could account for over half of all manufacturing within 40 years. Using current figures the value of such goods would be more than $6 trillion leading to headlines such as “3D printing to wipe out 25% of world […]

Production Up to 34.7% of AM Market, Says Wohlers Associates

By Davide Sher

Although it has been almost thirty years since the introduction of the first industrial 3D printer, we are still in the very early phase of what is likely to be a multi-century long evolution that will see additive manufacturing become more and more the standard means of producing final products.
In its 2014 Wohlers Report, Wohlers Associates has found that revenues from the production of parts for final products now represent 34.7% of the entire market for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing (terms that are generally used interchangeably).…

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