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BMW Group invests €10 million in German Additive Manufacturing Campus

The multinational automotive BMW Group has invested €10 million (approximately $12.3 million) in an Additive Manufacturing Campus scheduled to open early 2019. A 6,000 square meter facility, the new Additive Manufacturing Campus will focus on prototyping, series production of parts, and customized solutions for the automotive industry. Udo Hänle, Head of Production Integration at BMW comments, “Our new […]

3D Printing news Sliced, Shining 3D, Autodesk, Sharebot and Mini

This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced asks the following questions: How is 3D printing being used in post cancer surgery for dogs? How are rats and 3D bioprinting being used to repair damaged human diaphragms? How is 3D printing changing automotive design? All this and more from Dassault Systèmes, atum3D, The American Institute of […]

MINI owners drive their own taste with custom 3D printing service

Though 3D printed polymers are finding their range in new industries every day, when it comes to end-use parts, some in the automotive industry believe the technology is not yet ready for the road – specificly the volume of production seen in the automotive industry. Automation and scale are the main challenges to automotive’s uptake. […]

Mini bietet personifizierte 3D-gedruckte Teile für Fahrzeuge an

Mini wird in Zukunft 3D-gedruckte Bauteile für Fahrzeuge anbieten. Diese können online nach eigenen Wünschen konfiguriert werden und werden dementsprechend mittels additven Herstellungsverfahren produziert.  Der Prozess zur Fertigung von 3D-gedruckten Fahrzeugteilen beginnt bei Mini mit einem Online-Konfigurator. Bei diesem kann man zwischen Zahlreichen Designs wählen und persönliche Texte hinzufügen. Auch die eigenen Unterschrift kann an […]

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3D Printing News Sliced: Duke, Mini, German RepRap, Prodways

This edition of the Sliced 3D printing news digest offers the latest stories from across medical and dental, design, research and business. Featured in this article: Torc2, Smartee Denti-Technology, CONICET, National University of La Plata, Duke University, Maya Varma, C3 Ventures, Michele Lizzit’s $12 3D printer, the Instagif camera, Mini, USC Viterbi, the University of Southampton, […]

MakerBot updated Software und 3D Drucker

MakerBot vereinfacht mit seiner neu upgedateden Software MakerBot Print und der passenden App MakerBot Mobile die Nutzung der 3D Drucker noch weiter. Auch gibt es ein Update für den Raplicator und den Mini. Die neuen 3D Drucker bieten einen größeren Bauraum, sind leiser und können schneller drucken. Der neue MakerBot Replicator+ bietet jetzt einen Bauraum […]

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It’s a Triple Whammy for Makerbot — Not a Rep 3 but 3 New 3D Printers

Makerbot hosted its traditional effusive press conference ahead of the opening day of International CES at 4pm yesterday afternoon, unveiling its new product line. It had been rumoured something big was coming from the NY based 3D printing company, and so it came to pass. As usual, Makerbot surpassed expectations (generally along the lines of “here comes the Replicator 3 with noticeable improvements following the acquisition by Stratasys”) and launched three new 3D printers together with a host of desktop and mobile apps.…

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