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AP&C expands metal powder production capacity in Quebec

AP&C, the metal 3D printing powder production arm of GE Additive, is expanding its operations in Canada. With the acquisition of almost 40,000 m² in land, the company is planning to extend its production capacity at the Saint-Eustache site where it has been active since 2016. “Our firm is currently enjoying rapid growth and we need […]

NRC Canada and AP&C develop new method of metal powder analysis

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and GE Additive spherical powder specialist AP&C have developed a method for anaylzing metal additive powders. Currently validated for use titanium the method is capable of detecting particle contamination, and assessing the properties of a material to avoid potentially critical faults in 3D printed parts for medicine and […]

Farnborough airshow begins with GE Additive announcements

Farnborough International Airshow in the UK gets underway today and GE Additive has chosen the occasion to make two announcements. Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) is the second largest airshow in the world, and as such will feature many of the leading applications of industrial 3D printing for the sector. 3D Printing Industry will be at […]

Equispheres metal powders gets $5m boost from Lockheed Martin

American global aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin has invested $5 million in Canadian materials manufacturer Equispheres. The funds will enable the company to expand its powder products for additive manufacturing and cold spray processes, it also serves as an investment by Lockheed into Canada’s industrial technology sphere. Charles Bouchard, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Canada, […]

GE ups stake in Arcam EBM expands additive manufacturing in Sweden

In the latest stage of GE’s Arcam EBM acquisition, wholly owned subsidiary GE Sweden Holdings AB has started to buyout the remaining stakeholders of the Swedish electron beam melting (EBM) metal additive manufacturing company. Global investment firms Elliott Management and Polygon Investment both yielded their shares, and as of 29 December 2017 GE holds approximately 95% […]

In Kürze: Airbus installiert erstes 3D-gedrucktes Bauteil, AP&C Produktionsanlage, BASF & Farsoon

Erstes 3D-gedrucktes Bauteil aus Titan bei Serienproduktion von A350 XWB installiert Der Flugzeugbauer Airbus hat die erste Installation eines 3D-gedruckten Verbindungselements (Bracket) in der Serienproduktion des A350 XWB bekannt gegeben. Die Komponente ist Teil des Verbindungsabschnitts zwischen den Flügeln und der Turbinen. Derzeit sind bereits 3D-gedruckte Teile bei Testflugzeugen der Typen A320neo und A350 XWB […]

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Metal additive manufacturing updates from GE’s AP&C and PyroGenesis

AP&C, a producer of spherical metal powders for additive manufacturing, has opened a manufacturing facility in St Eustache, Quebec. The $31M CAD factory employs over 100 people and will be able to annually process 1250 tons of material at full capacity.   AP&C specialises in high purity titanium metal powders for use in metallurgical applications. […]

Arcam increases sales, moving through “challenging market situation”

Arcam has published their Interim financial report for the first 6 months of 2017. The Swedish additive manufacturing company characterises this period as a “challenging market situation.” Despite this sales grew 32%, increasing to 407.0M Swedish Krona ($50.33M) versus 307.6MSEK ($38.03M) for the same period in 2016. Increased sales of metal additive manufacturing systems During […]

Arcam tritt mit neuer Brand Identity auf und veröffentlicht Jahresbericht für 2016

Nachdem GE den Kauf des schwedischen Herstellers von Metall-3D-Druckern Ende 2016 abgeschlossen hat, erneuert die Arcam Gruppe nun seinen Markenauftritt. Unter Arcam – A GE Additive Company werden die drei Unternehmen Arcam EBM, das kanadische Tochterunternehmen für Metallpulver AP&C sowie der 2014 gekauften Implantatshersteller DiSanto Technology Inc. (DTI) vereint. Vor rund einem Monat hat Arcam die Abspaltung […]

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