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Columbia University 3D printed food challenges conventional flavor profiles

Hoping to overcome the limitations of current 3D food printers (3DFPs), scientists from Columbia University have developed a new method to 3D print cooked food. This latest method is unique insofar as it can combine different ingredients—such as chicken with dough—and cook each ingredient selectively. Most importantly too, the products are edible. And, according to the […]

Weihnachtsplätzchen aus dem 3D-Drucker

Drucken statt backen – Backen wir so in Zukunft unsere Weihnachtsplätzchen? Mit dem Lebensmitteldrucker Foodini lassen sich leckere und außergewöhnliche Weihnachtsplätzchen drucken. Rezepte und kreative Formvorlagen gibt es direkt aus der Cloud. Oder von anderen Foodini-Usern. Der 3D-Drucker Foodini sorgte in […]

Derückblick 2014 – Teil 3 (März)

2014 war wieder ein ereignisreiches Jahr in der Welt des 3D-Drucks und der Additiven Fertigung. In den nächsten Wochen wollen wir deshalb das Jahr nochmals Revue passieren lassen und die Highlights auf präsentieren. Heute veröffentlichen wir den dritten Teil über den März 2014. 3D-Drucker, die mit Kunststoff drucken, haben den Heimbereich schon erobert. Wöchentlich […]

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3D Printer Foodini Hits Kickstarter

( Barcelona startup Natural Machines has just launched a Kickstarter for its new invention: Foodini, a prototype 3D printer that can produce a range of foodstuffs. Although it can’t print out whatever you desire on command, Foodini is able to print both savory or sweet cuisine, like perfectly-round pizza dough, complete with a layer of sauce and cheese on it. The Foodini is capable of printing a wide range of real, fresh, nutritious foods, including pastas (ravioli, gnocchi, spaghetti), burgers (veggie and meat), chicken nuggets, quiche, pizza, “designer” fish and chips, hash browns, cookies, crackers, brownies, chocolate, etc… Foodini is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter.

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3D Lebensmittel Drucker “Foodini” nun bei Kickstarter

Das Drucken von Lebensmittel ist ein großes Thema. So beschäftigen sich nicht nur Lebensmittel-Unternehmen wie Barilla, Oreo oder Hershey mit der Produktion von Nahrungsmittel mit dem 3D-Drucker, sondern auch kleine Startups wollen den Heim-3D-Drucker für Essen entwickeln. Das in Barcelona beheimatete Startup “Natural Machines” ist so ein Unternehmen. Schon 2013 kündigte die Firma einen Lebensmittel-3D-Drucker […]

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Hungry? Just Hit Print

(Mother Nature Network) Engineers and gourmet chefs are experimenting with creating foods from 3D printing. The technique allows them to produce foods in unique shapes and textures and to streamline repetitive tasks like filling ravioli. 3D food printers don’t look like traditional printers. They’re more like industrial fabrication machines with syringes. Users load the syringes with raw food “ink” — dough, chocolate or anything with a liquid consistency — and the machine “prints” the food by depositing layers of liquids to build the desired object. Just like a regular printer, the machine takes its instructions from a computer. Using software, a 3D representation of the food is created and divided into printable layers.

Barcelona-based company Natural Machines says it hopes its Foodini machine will promote more home cooking by managing the difficult or time-consuming parts of preparing homemade food. “Rather than buying pre-packaged, processed snacks like pretzels, breadsticks, crackers and cookies, you can make them with fresh ingredients at home,” the Foodini’s description reads.

Designers of commercial 3D printers believe that in the near future we’ll be able to download such “recipes” and print them in our home kitchens.

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