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Blamey Saunders introduces 3D designed world first hearing aid

A “world first” modular, self-fittable hearing aid has been developed by Blamey Saunders Hears. The Australian hearing company headquartered in Victoria made the medtech breakthrough using 3D printing to deliver multiple design iterations. Named the Facett, Blamey Saunders’ latest hearing aid has been designed with “human-centred design principles in focus,” and comes with the added […]

3DP4ME aims to 3D print hearing aids for 97% of those in need

One of the first breakthrough applications of 3D printing, custom-made hearing aids, is now showing its potential to address hearing-loss on an international scale.   Through a partnership with the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf , volunteer organization 3DP4ME is currently providing 3D printed hearing-aid ear molds to disadvantaged populations in the Middle East. 3DP4ME’s combined […]

3DP4ME: 3D-gedruckte Hörgeräte für den mittleren Osten

Etwa 10% der Weltbevölkerung hat Hörprobleme oder ist taub. Leider können sich nicht alle die teuren Hörgeräte leisten. 3DP4ME möchte Menschen, die sich keine Hörgeräte leisten können, mit 3D-geruckten Hörgeräten aushelfen. 3DP4ME ist ein Non-Profit Unternehmen aus Kalifornien. Die Ziele die sich das Unternehmen gesetzt hat sind groß. Pro Jahr sollen 12.000 Hörgeräte hergestellt werden. […]

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UMSOM study highlights 3D printed implants to reverse hearing loss

Hearing aids are one of the earliest examples of the added value 3D printing can bring to a commercial market. Coupled with 3D scanning technology, additive manufacturing has made it possible for companies like Sonova to improve the quality of existing products through mass customization. Recently presenting at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), […]