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Russian Helicopters backs additive manufacturing for future aviation

This week at HELIRUSSIA 2018 in Moscow, Andrei Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters – the world’s 24th-largest defense contractor, endorsed additive manufacturing’s role in the future of world aviation. This year the company is premiering its next generation Mi-171A2 helicopter at the show, alongside the use of additive technologies and applications of topology optimization. Boginsky comments, “apart from the […]

3D printed kidneys save life of two-year-old child

Surgeons at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, have worked with Stratasys’ 3D printing to support the first successful larger-than-average adult kidney transplantation from father to son. The high-risk procedure was performed with the help of two, true-to-life, 3D printed models, which proved vital to surgical preparation. The case of Dexter Clark Two-year-old […]

Bei Yamaha setzt man nun auf 3D-Druck für den Boxenstopp

Yamaha Boxencrew 2 300x219 - Bei Yamaha setzt man nun auf 3D-Druck für den Boxenstopp

Laut einer Bekanntmachung, wird das Motorsportteam von Yamaha zukünftig 3D-Druck für ihre Boxenstopps einsetzen. Mit Hilfe von Experten sollen so, schneller und kostengünstiger, Ersatzteile für die Rennräder direkt vor Ort hergestellt werden. Es ist nichts Neues, dass die additive Fertigung in der Fahrzeugindustrie verwendet wird, um Komponenten schneller und kosteneffizienter herzustellen. So setzen auch Rennsportteams [...]

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3D Printing News Sliced Microsoft, Siemens, Norsk Titanium, Renishaw

This is Sliced, the 3D printing news roundup with a finger on the pulse of all things new in additive business, applications, hardware, software, materials and medical breakthroughs. Today’s stories feature Spain’s 3D Printer Party, Microsoft, Siemens, AMUG, 3DZ, EOS, Nano Dimension, Norsk Titanium, SABIC, Rize, ACEO, Renishaw and many more. Read on to learn […]

Javelin Technologies and Cimetrix Solutions merge to create industrial 3D printing powerhouse

The 3D printing industry continues to mature with a merger between two of the leading Canadian enterprises serving the additive manufacturing market. Javelin Technologies is the largest Canadian reseller of SolidWorks CAD design software. Specialists in 3D design engineering, product data management, automation, and additive manufacturing, Javelin as a reseller also supplies 3D printers from […]

Stratasys CEO gives further insight into first quarter financial results

The most recent financial results from Stratasys indicate a potentially worrying trend, specifically negative growth in product net sales over the past 5 years. I asked Ilan Levin, Stratasys CEO, for additional insight into yesterday’s figures. Ilan Levin, CEO of Stratasys, “We are witnessing a strong appetite in the market for AM technologies, specifically for […]

Stratasys continues downward trend, US aerospace and automotive orders slowing

Headline revenue for Q1 2018 at Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) fell by 6% to $153.8 million versus $163.2 million for the comparative period in 2017. On today’s call with investors and analysts, CEO Ilan Levin faced a series of challenging questions. “We are disappointed with our revenue for the first quarter, which is primarily attributed to […]

RAPID+TCT 2018 in Review: Industry innovation in materials and processes

The 2018 RAPID+TCT Conference has come and gone as another strong demonstration of the growth present in the 3D printing industry. This year’s event in Fort Worth, Texas showcased more than 300 exhibitors and 150 technical talks to thousands of attendees. With industry-wide growth estimated between 21% and 25% annually, the $10 billion dollar mark […]

Is 3D printing ready for mass production?

Will 3D printing replace mass production methods? Most experts agree that additive manufacturing is a complement, rather than a direct competitor for techniques such as injection molding or CNC machining. 3D printing for low volume batch production is increasingly an option to bring a product to market, and analysis of trends in additive manufacturing for […]

Neue Stratasys Software zur Herstellung von Werkzeughilfsmitteln und Montagevorrichtungen

Jigs and Fixtures for GrabCAD Print Stratasys Software 300x164 - Neue Stratasys Software zur Herstellung von Werkzeughilfsmitteln und Montagevorrichtungen

Stratasys sucht derzeit Beta-Kunden für eine neue Software, die speziell zur Verbesserung der Stratasys Additive Manufacturing-Lösung für die Herstellung von Werkzeughilfsmitteln und Montagevorrichtungen sowie anderen Fertigungswerkzeugen konzipiert wurde. Die neue Softwarekomponente „Jigs and Fixtures for GrabCAD Print“ vereinfacht und automatisiert die Druckvorbereitung für Rapid Tooling-Anwendungen. Bestehende Stratasys Lösungen für Rapid Tooling werden so ergänzt und die […]

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