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RMIT develops 3D printed smartphone microscope for remote healthcare

Looking for a smartphone upgrade? Look no further than your 3D printer. RMIT University scientists have developed a “clip-on” filter that can turn smartphone cameras into a powerful microscope. Capable of viewing specimens as small as 1/200th of a millimeter, the device will come in handy as a point of care diagnostic tool or research […]

NYU’s 3D printed microballoon foam could help keep submarines afloat

3D printed foams are used in experiments by materials scientists to make everyday objects smarter, and more effective for purpose. Containing millions of hollow microballoon air pockets, foams are lightweight, and enable materials to be manipulated in new and exciting ways. Foam has been used variously to make a type of 3D graphene, form fitting silicone, and […]

E3D Online launches water cooling for enhanced FFF 3D printer performance

E3D Online is a marketplace selling all the parts, kits and filaments you could need for desktop FFF 3D printing. Identifying the maker community’s need for high-quality hot ends for their 3D printers, the E3D team has been developing their own parts since the company was founded in 2012. After years in the making, the […]

An interview with Andy Kalambi new President and CEO of Rize Inc.

Rize Inc., the developer of patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology, has appointed Andy Kalambi, former CEO of the ENOVIA brand and global executive of 3DEXPERIENCE at Dassault Systèmes as its new President and CEO. Ahead of the announcement, 3D Printing Industry spoke directly with Kalambi to understand more about his vision for the company, and how […]

Linear Advance im 3D-Druck – Warum? Wozu? Was ist das?

In diesem Beitrag wird näher beschrieben, was Linear Advance für 3D-Drucker ist, welche 3D-Drucker das Verfahren bereits unterstützen und welche Vorteile daraus entstehen.  Linear Advance ist ein Algorithmus der den Druck des geschmolzenen Filaments je nach Druckgeschwindigkeit regelt. Im Normalfall wird diese Geschwindigkeit je nach Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit der anderen Achsen angepasst. Das ist grundsätzlich auch sinnvoll, […]

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ColorFabb ist neuer Vertriebspartner von Sintratec

Die Desktop-SLS-Maschinen von Sintratec werden neu vom Niederländischen 3D-Druck-Spezialisten ColorFabb vertrieben. Sintratec weitet damit sein Vertriebsnetzwerk in die Benelux-Länder aus. ColorFabb steigt mit dieser Partnerschaft in den SLS-3D-Druck-Markt ein. Brugg, 8. November 2017 – Sintratec baut sein Vertriebsnetzwerk in die Benelux-Region aus und arbeitet dazu neu mit dem 3D-Druck-Spezialisten ColorFabb zusammen. ColorFabb hat seinen Ursprung […]

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How to cut FFF 3D print times in half by the University of Michigan

Engineers at the University of Michigan’s Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory (S2A Lab) have landed an algorithm capable of keeping layers in check at up 10 times the typical speed of an FFF 3D printer. In tests, the Michigan print process has demonstrated the ability to make a 37.23 mm wide scale model of […]

Shining 3D releases Einstart-C 3D printer technical specs and pricing

China’s Shining 3D has released the Einstart-C FFF desktop 3D printer, adding to its existing series including the Einstart-S and the Einstart-L systems. Previewed at CES 2017, the Einstart-C is Shining 3D’s solution for personal use, with added security features making ideal for 3D printing at schools and at home. From model to print The […]

Interview with Eugene Giller founder and CTO of Rize Inc. 3D printers

Amongst the 250+ exhibitors at this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, I was given the opportunity to speak to Rize Inc. founder and CTO Eugene Giller. A previous employee of ZCorp – the full color, binder jetting 3D printing pioneer that is now 3D Systems – Giller officially founded Rize in 2014, after spending four […]

BCN3D releases the bigger, better, BCN3D Sigmax 3D printer

Today at TCT 2017 in Birmingham, UK, Barcelona’s open source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies has announced the launch of the new BCN3D Sigmax FFF 3D printer. Designed as a complementary product to the BCN3D Sigma, the new Sigmax has an increased build volume, and dual extrusion capabilities, unlocking a number of new features to […]