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Elliptical Laser Cut Boxes

Using Inkscape plugins to round out those boxed corners  We all agree that laser cut boxes are handy to use as enclosures for DIY electronic projects and for storing little keepsakes. Adding your own personal touch gets a whole lot more interesting when you can break away from the traditional rectilinear form to create elliptical laser cut boxes. […]

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Who Are (Y)our 3D Printing Programmers and Engineers?

3D printers and printing service websites cannot run without programmers and engineers. They provide the crucial link between human needs and machine capabilities, and make it possible to use use our API, […]

8 Things to Do at Maker Faire New York 2014 + Win Free Tickets!

The 2014 New York Maker Faire, sponsored by Disney, is coming to New York September 20th and 21st— and we have free tickets to give away! To enter to win […]