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Shapeways sichert sich $30 Millionen für Ausbau von 3D-Druck-Plattform

shapeways 3d druck 300x200 - Shapeways sichert sich $30 Millionen für Ausbau von 3D-Druck-Plattform

Der Online-3D-Druckdienstleister und Marktplatz Shapeways konnte sich in einer Serie-E Finanzierungsrunde $30 Millionen von Investoren Lux Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Venture and Inkef Captial sichern. Mit dem Kapital soll die Vision eines kompletten End-to-End Service realisiert werden. Shapeways wurde 2007 gegründet und bietet 3D-Druckdienstleistungen mit über 60 verschiedenen Materialien und Finishes an. Seit Februar diesen […]

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Shapeways expands 3D printing services with additional $30 million funding

New York headquartered 3D printing marketplace Shapeways has announced a further $30 million in Series E funding. This round was led by Lux Capital, and included the participation of Union Square Ventures, INKEF Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Each of the investors are making a return from the prior round in 2015 which also saw Shapeways […]

April Fools’ round-up: the best 3D printing jokes

April Fools’ has come and gone, but not without companies from across the 3D printing industry celebrating the day with their best attempts at 3D printing related pranks and jokes. Below is a round-up of some of the best (or worst?). 3D printing, as invented by the Mayans Sculpteo announced the discovery of 3D printers […]

Gregory Kress ist neuer CEO bei Shapeways

gregory kress shapeways 300x300 - Gregory Kress ist neuer CEO bei Shapeways

Der Online-3D-Druckdienstleister und Marktplatz Shapeways ernennt Gregory Kress zum neuen CEO. Dieser plant das Angebot des Unternehmens weiter auszubauen und neue Services unterstützend anzubieten. Die Position des CEO hatte seit August 2017 Tom Finn inne, nachdem Shapeways Mitgründer Peter Weijmarshausen nach zehn Jahren als CEO im Unternehmen zurückgetreten ist. Nun wird Finn von Gregory Kress […]

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Greg Kress to lead Shapeways ‘design, make, and sell’ ethos as new CEO

3D printing marketplace and service bureau Shapeways has officially announced the appointment of Gregory Kress as the company’s new CEO. Former CEO Peter Weijmarshausen, and co-founder of Shapeways, stepped down from the position in August 2017. In the interim, the company’s COO Tom Finn had been acting CEO. “While excited about how far we’ve come,” says […]

Large-scale 3D printed sculptures to debut at York Mediale, a new digital art festival

As part of the York Mediale festival 2018, British-Colombian artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez will exhibit a new series of large-scale 3D printed sculptures examining the future of manufacturing, digital fabrication and the creative potential of 3D printing. Plummer-Fernandez has designed his pieces using a mixture of scripted algorithms and 3D software. They will be manufactured by […]

3D Printing News Sliced, Boeing, Renishaw, Norsk Titanium and Digital Metal

How do you turn a Spectrum computer from the 1980s into a modern, portable laptop? Why is Justin Trudeau funding 3D printing? Why did Norsk Titanium win an award this week? This edition of 3D printing news SLICED features stories from Boeing, Norsk Titanium, Thor3D, Digital Metal, Linamar, Thor3D, Digital Metal, Höganäs, Renishaw, Thor3D, ControlNice, ZX Spectrum, Renishaw, Dorchester 3D, […]

What does the repeal on net neutrality mean for 3D printing?

Last week the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in favour of a repeal on a 2015 regulation enforcing net neutrality. This means that companies can can pay for preferential treatment from internet service providers (ISPs) and move up search rankings online. It could also give way to partner offers, like free subscription to music and […]

Trends in Additive Manufacturing for end-use production with Shapeways

3D Printing Industry is taking an in depth look at how additive manufacturing is moving to production. Over the coming weeks the results of interviews with industry leading practitioners will be published. This article is part of a series examining Trends in Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Production. Blair Georgakas is Senior Materials Product Manager at […]

3D-gedrucktes Objekt verwandelt Luftballon in Blumenvase

Eine clevere Idee hat den Shapeways-Benutzer OliverBird: Er hat ein Objekt entworfen um das ein Luftballon gespannt werden kann. Anschließend kann ein das Objekt mit Wasser gefüllt werden und dient so als simple Blumenvase. Die Idee ist eigentlich simpel und die Umsetzung ebenso, das 3D-gedruckte Bauteil hat eine Größe von 3.4 x 12.9 x 3.4 […]

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