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PostNord adds on demand 3D printing delivery service with Stratasys

On demand 3D printing services from Stratasys has a new partner in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In collaboration with the 3D printing giant, Swedish communications and logistics company PostNord Strålfors will be offering 3D printing bureau services and delivery to customers in the Nordic region. Amidst a growing list of logistics companies getting in on […]

FedEx launches 3D printing inventory and repair company Forward Depots

A FedEx and 3D printing venture has been expected for some time. From 3D printed drone-delivery, to on-demand bureau services, postage and shipping companies are investing in the future of additive manufacturing. In the latest news from the logistics sector, FedEx has announced that it will be launching a new, 3D printing oriented, company under […]

UPS and SAP do a deal to expand 3D print capability

By Nick Hall

Parcel company UPS has done a deal with SAP SE to create end-to-end manufacturing that could change the whole logistics industry. UPS can see a major change coming. The concept is simple, local production of a vast number of components will hit the international shipping market hard. Logistics firms, then, need to adapt to survive […]

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3D Printing to Revolutionize Manufacturing’s Supply Chain and Logistics Processes

(The Guardian) — The wider business world is beginning to understand the potential of 3D printing for cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. It is little wonder that analyst firm Canalys see the global market for 3D printers reaching $16.2 billion by 2018. With increasing adoption, the technology will revolutionize manufacturing as well as the supply… View Article

The Sky’s the Limit for 3D Printing in the Supply Chain

(Canadian Shipper) — 3D printing has tremendous potential for customized manufacturing and, by extension, supply chain management. Consider how many industries ship sample products, MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) items, and critical parts to customers who have eliminated inventory to reduce inventory carrying costs. Each of these scenarios involves the traditional cost/service tradeoff of expedited… View Article