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General Motors enters next phase of vehicle light weighting with generative design

North American vehicle manufacturer General Motors has teamed up with award winning software company Autodesk in the development of its future product designs. Combining 3D printing with generative design, the company’s approach to vehicle development is “completely transformed,” says Ken Kelzer, VP of Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems at GM. Through paring these technologies the design […]

BMW Group invests €10 million in German Additive Manufacturing Campus

The multinational automotive BMW Group has invested €10 million (approximately $12.3 million) in an Additive Manufacturing Campus scheduled to open early 2019. A 6,000 square meter facility, the new Additive Manufacturing Campus will focus on prototyping, series production of parts, and customized solutions for the automotive industry. Udo Hänle, Head of Production Integration at BMW comments, “Our new […]

XEV plans mass-production 3D printed electric cars

Award winning 3D printer filament manufacturer Polymaker has partnered with Italian car manufacturer XEV to make 3D printed low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs). While XEV’s LSEVs aren’t the first ever 3D printed cars, the partners believe that this is the first example of additive manufacturing vehicles at scale. Stanley Lu, CEO of XEV,  provided 3D Printing Industry […]

Swinburne kick-starts $1.2 million automatic 3D printed car repair service

Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne is to spearhead the development of an automated, 3D printed repair service for cars with the Australian, not-for-profit Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) and industrial automation firm Tradiebot Industries. Funded by a sum of $1,264,695 AUD (approx. $994 thousand USD), project ‘Repair Bot’ will run through 2019. The goal, […]

SLM Solutions metal 3D printing brakes the most powerful car in Bugatti history

Not to be outdone by flight-integral 3D printed parts, automotive is gradually placing additively manufactured components in more critical positions. Largely implemented in spare parts initiatives, 3D printing is in use at a number of car manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Volkswagen. In the latest use case, 3D printing is implemented for next generation development of […]

MINI owners drive their own taste with custom 3D printing service

Though 3D printed polymers are finding their range in new industries every day, when it comes to end-use parts, some in the automotive industry believe the technology is not yet ready for the road – specificly the volume of production seen in the automotive industry. Automation and scale are the main challenges to automotive’s uptake. […]

Volkswagen officials speak to the future of 3D printing in automotive

Project leads at Volkswagen high end/luxury car brands Audi and Porsche are conducting research into the benefits of 3D printing for future car production. In addition to the effective application of FDM for prototyping and reducing tooling costs, researchers at Audi’s Competence Center in Ingolstadt, Germany, and Porsche are adding metal to Volkswagen’s additive manufacturing portfolio, […]

TARC and Automobile City use 3D printing for electric car revolution

At the 2017 TAIPEI AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei Show, the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC) showcased a new electronic vehicle (EV) with 3D printed parts. The vehicle has …