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Iris Van Herpen’s couture 3D printing stars in Paris Fashion Week 2018

3D printed fashions give designers a new means of expressing bold and inspiring looks. This week, the second of three 7 day events in the French capital’s fashion calendar, designers at Paris Fashion Week 2018 are flaunting the latest in Haute Couture. One of a kind and tailor-made, Haute Couture is the perfect platform for […]

Autodesk, Adidas and the IAAC to judge Fab Lab made RESHAPE 17 Programmable Skins competition

RESHAPE 17 is a digital fabrication competition, this year focusing on the microscopic structure of materials to make wearable tech. Facilitated by processes like 3D printing, the RESHAPE 17 …

A vision of 3D printed fashion, interview of Anastasia Ruiz designer of the Virus Collection

During the 2016 edition of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, we unveiled our Virus clothing collection. While these three pieces looked very different from one another and used different techniques, they all belong to the world of designer Anastasia Ruiz. What made her decide to create fashions blending both 3D printing and traditional materials? […]

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3D Printed Shoes: Combining 3D Printing in Plastics & Steel with Traditional Craftsmanship

Meet Eric Meijer, designer of a new collection of 3D printed shoes. His innovative approach: combining 3D printed plastics, 3D printed steel and traditional craftsmanship for creating one-of-a-kind high heels. […]

10 MUST SEE Speakers and Exhibits at the 2014 London 3D Printshow

The 2014 London 3D Printshow is approaching, fast! Starting on September 4th, it promises to be one of the biggest 3D Printing events of the year. i.materialise will join exhibitors […]