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Energica establishes new department for development of Energica Ego motorcycle

Energica, the manufacturer of the Energica Ego – Italy’s first street-legal electric motorcycle with 3D printed parts – has unveiled a new Sport Production Department at its headquarters in Modena. This 160 sq. meters facility will foster the development of the Ego Corsa, the successor of the Ego racing bike designed for the FIM Enel […]

Autonomous Mobility bekommt zwei „Ollis“ von Local Motors

olli local motors 300x225 - Autonomous Mobility bekommt zwei "Ollis" von Local Motors

Local Motors, das für mittels 3D-Druck hergestellte Mobilitätslösungen bekannt ist, hat zwei neue Olli-Shuttles an Autonomous Mobility geliefert. Local Motors ist ein zu LM Industries Group Inc. gehörendes Bodentransport-Unternehmen und wurde 2007 gegründet. Das Unternehmen setzt auf offene Zusammenarbeit und das Co-Creation-Konzept. Anfangs produzierte Local Motors in Kleinserie Fahrzeuge mit Open-Source-Designs unter Einbindung einer Vielzahl [...]

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Volkswagen moves to mass customization, aims for over 100,000 3D printed units per year

Earlier this week, German automaker Volkswagen was confirmed as an early-access customer of the HP Metal Jet 3D printer. Now, comments from Dr. Martin Goede, Volkswagen’s Head of Technology Planning and Development, reveal further details about the company’s plans for this new metal binder jet technology, and the prospective future of mass customized vehicles. “Automotive […]

Stratasys expands 3D printed tooling collaboration with Team Penske

Leading 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has announced further tooling collaborations with American sports car racing team Team Penske at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago. Currently using two of Stratasys’ industrial 3D printers, the Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition (CFE) industrial 3D printer and the F900, Team Penske is gaining a competitive edge for car testing, […]

Rare Alfa Romeo Tipo sports car restored with additive manufacturing

KW Heritage, the restoration arm of UK engineering firm KW Special Projects (KWSP), has restored one of just 12 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 sports cars with additive manufacturing for its debut at the UK historic motor car festival, Goodwood Revival. “Obsolescence is a major issue in the classic and historic vehicle market but modern engineering techniques […]

Bugatti Divo unveiled with form-following 3D printed fin tail lights

French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti has unveiled its latest supercar featuring 3D printed parts at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. With a price tag of €5 million, the Bugatti Divo, which displays 3D printed fin tail light, is designed for optimum handling performance on winding roads. “The Divo is a further example of our design philosophy […]

Voxeljet kündigt voll automatisches 3D-Drucksystem an

voxeljet neuer drucker 300x84 - Voxeljet kündigt voll automatisches 3D-Drucksystem an

Der deutsche Hersteller Voxeljet kündigt den neuen 3D-Drucker VJET X-IOB an, welcher 10 Mal schneller als vergleichbare Systeme arbeiten sollen. Laut Voxeljet ist dieser Drucker weltweit das erste System welches voll automatisch arbeiten kann. Ein so schnelles, voll automatisches System, welches alle Vor- und Nachbearbeitungsprozesse selbstständig erledigt, ist ein großer Schritt für den Einsatz der [...]

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voxeljet’s James Reeves announces automotive additive manufacturing production line

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer voxeljet is working on an additive manufacturing production line for the automotive industry. The so-termed “VJET X-IOB” system is reportedly “ten times faster” than the company’s currently available 3D printers, with full integrated pre and post processing capabilities. Speaking to James Reeves, Managing Director at voxeljet UK who broke the news, I […]

Ford files patent for brake disk 3D printing method

Ford Global Technologies LLC, the patent management and copyrighting arm of the Ford Motor Company, has filed an application detailing a method of making lightweight brake discs using 3D printing. The method described is laser deposition welding, a relative of laser metal deposition (LMD), capable of adding new material to pre-fabricated substrate. The forefront of […]

BMW receives Altair Enlighten Award for metal 3D printed roof bracket

BMW Group, the German multinational automotive company, has received the 2018 Altair Enlighten Award In the Module category for its 3D printed metal convertible roof bracket. The Altair Enlighten Awards, presented at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, in Michigan, recognizes admirable advances in lightweight technology. Said to be the first 3D printed metal component used […]