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Arconic announces Airbus 3D metal printing project at formnext 2017

Engineering service bureau Arconic and aircraft manufacturer Airbus have announced a multi-year cooperative research agreement at formnext 2017. The research agreement will bring together Arconic’s metal additive manufacturing and metallurgy capabilities and Airbus’ aircraft part design and certification to produce large-scale 3D Printed Airbus airframe components. Arconic’s research and development Over the course of the […]

German materials researchers explore zero gravity metal 3D printing

Researchers at the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and TU Clausthal are working on a project titled “Powder-based additive manufacturing in zero gravity.” Poised to compete with microgravity metal 3D printing efforts from the likes of NASA and Made In Space, the team’s experiments have been conducted in a number of parabolic […]

First ever Polysulfone mold for Chinook helicopter part successfully 3D printed

A Polysulfone (PSU) mold, claimed to be the world’s first, has been successfully 3D printed and used to produce an oil drip pan for a Chinook, Boeing Vertol’s twin engine helicopter. The mold was created in a collaboration between Thermwood Corporation, Techmer PM, and Purdue University’s Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center. The final component was […]

FAA to launch eight-year additive manufacturing road map

Filed for review in late September, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed a draft Additive Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap, advising businesses of adequate practice surrounding the different technologies in the industry. The roadmap features key regulation information covering emerging considerations around part and process certification, machine and part maintenance, research and development and the demand […]

Cranfield opens £35m future aerospace facility with the power of WAAM

Cranfield University, located in Bedfordshire, UK, has just opened a £35 million Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC) center to boost the UK’s growing flight design and engineering ecosystem. The facility features an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) laboratory; a virtual wind tunnel; a Fanuc robotic arm and more tools, including confirmed work by the university’s large-scale metal […]

3D printing replicates the silent flight of owls for next gen aircraft

Silent air vehicles for transport and defense have been identified as an area of national need in the U.S. in a bid to cut noise pollution and enhance military intelligence. In the wild, owls are perhaps one of the best examples of natural stealth and aerial agility, giving researchers a promising area for potential development. […]

3D Printing News Sliced BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin and Renishaw

In this edition of 3D printing news Sliced, we have stories from BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin, Renishaw, Vodafone, MSYS, DARPA, the Royal College of Art, the University of Alabama, ASRC, Nano Dimension, Carl Zeiss, Nanoscribe, MASSIVit 3D, Tytus 3D and Xometry. Rocket powered 3D printing Reaction Engine Inc, a subsidiary of aircraft manufacturer Reaction Engines, has […]

EUTELSAT 172B breaks electric orbit record with 3D printed parts

Four months after launch on the Ariane 5 spacecraft June 1 2017, the Airbus-made EUTELSAT 172B satellite has reached geostationary orbit 35,786 kilometres above the Earth’s equator. Reaching the determined position was achieved by electrical as opposed to chemical propulsion, making it the fastest electric orbit raising (EOR) to date. Construction of the craft has been aided […]

GE completes testing of 3D printed Black Hawk Turboshaft engine

Emerging from six months in the U.S. Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP), GE Aviation’s T901 Turboshaft engine has successfully completed prototype testing. The engine has been made using a range of additively manufactured parts, and is now ready to enter the next phase of development. Ron Hutter, executive director of the T901 program, comments, “We’re thrilled […]

Safran uses 3D printed parts in new 3000 shp Aneto helicopter engine

The French aerospace company has launched its Aneto 1-k helicopter engine at the Helitech international in London. The Aneto engine brand, which takes its name from the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, features 3D printed parts and will be used by Leonardo to power its AgustaWestland AW189K helicopter. The news follows the European Aerospace Safety […]