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NASA engineers test first multi-alloy 3D printed rocket part

Toward the development of its next generation space exploration vehicles, NASA has significantly ramped up efforts to incorporate 3D printing in component design. In July, the administration’s engineers performed 30 firing tests of a bi-metallic 3D printed rocket igniter at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. After analysis at the University of Alabama, researchers found […]

Airbus installs first 3D printed titanium bracket on a production A350 aircraft

Airbus has completed the installation of a 3D printed titanium bracket on an in-series production A350 XWB aircraft. Though in service since January 2015 with 1,000 3D printed parts on board, the A350 bracket marks Airbus’ expansion of its 3D printed part catalog for the plane, showing that additive manufacturing for production continues to make […]

Amaero and Monash University 3D printed rocket engine passes test fire

The 3D printed “Project X” Aerospike engine made through a collaboration between Monash University, Amaero (an offshoot of Monash), Next Aero and Woodside energy has been successfully fire-tested in Australia. Design and production of the engine was completed in just four months, following previous prototypes unveiled in 2015.   Superalloys and Aerospikes The material used to […]

3D printed components rocket with Indian satellite launch

Wipro, an Indian IT services corporation has successfully collaborated with German additive manufacturing giant EOS to produce a 3D printed functional metal satellite component. The “North West Feed Cluster”, was printed in aluminium for the Indian Space Research Organisation’s GSAT-19 communications and research satellite launched on 5th June 2017. According to EOS, this marks “the […]

NASA’s Refabricator recycling 3D printer makes space the place for green materials

Robust and refrigerator-like, the ‘Refabricator’ is poised to lead NASA’s recycling initiative for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Set to launch 2018, the machine is capable of crunching plastic parts back into raw materials, and 3D printing them anew as tools and spare parts. Preparing for “space at a premium” NASA has awarded […]

U.S. Marine’s 3D printed drone is 200 times cheaper than production version

3D printed drone technology has been an emerging area over the past year, with military surveillance use seeing a particular boom. To add to the recent developments in drone delivery systems and swarming drones purpose built to be air dropped, U.S. Marine TOW gunner Cpl. Rhet McNeal has developed a hand-launched fixed wing drone, with […]

Phase two of NASA’s deep space habitat challenge finds a winner in architect & tech firm collaboration

As part of its support for the application 3D printing technology to deep space exploration, NASA has awarded a $250,000 prize to a joint team consisting of members from Foster+Partners California and Branch Technology (based in Chattanooga, Tennessee). NASA’s competition, which has now reached level three of its second phase, aims to “advance construction technology […]

Dr Tobias Schaedler of HRL labs tells 3DPrintingIndustry how additive manufacturing really is rocket science

In January 2016, Malibu, California-based HRL Laboratories announced that they had developed a new method of 3D printing polymer-derived ceramics into complex shapes. This involves a pre-ceramic Silicon Oxycarbide (like Silicon Carbide but with some residual Oxygen) resin cured to resemble a polymer. The resin is suitable for 3D printing via stereolithography (SLA). During this […]

Russia launches first 3D printed space craft

Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin has successfully launched the country’s first 3D printed satellite. During a spacewalk from the International Space Station with fellow Roscomos cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, the Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite was deployed by hand last week. A video of the launch shows Yurchikhin tossing the 3D printed satellite into the void where it will spend […]

Airbus sets sights on space with first 3D Systems printed RF satellite filter

The latest development from a collaboration between 3D Systems and Airbus proves that space is the place for 3D printing. In the redesign of a radio frequency (RF) filter engineers have managed to bypass surface topology concerns and cut the weight of a part by 50%. The metal component is now the first tested and validated part of […]