Aether 1 $9,000 3D Bio-Printer impresses with beautiful time-lapse video demonstration

At first glace, it’s a simple little video with some beautiful music and sped up 3D print footage. Nothing we haven’t seen done ad nauseum since videos promoting the technology started revealing theselves and inspiring imaginations around the globe. But then, upon further inspection you realize those aren’t typical extruders, and there are four of them; and what’s with the occasional burst of UV light that keeps rearing its head anyway?

Björk performs first ever VR live stream show wearing 3D printed mask by Neri Oxman

Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk is no stranger to forward thinking fashions and provocative performances, having been a notable client of designer Iris van Herpen and fashion collective threeASFOUR and having released a music video filmed entirely inside her own mouth. Now, with her latest album Vulnicura, Björk has ventured into the realm of virtual reality, having performed the first ever virtual reality live-streamed show for her new single Quicksand.